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Mac OS X Hints

Senior Editor Rob Griffiths offers tips on how to select columns in Preview PDFs, scroll through Stickies, create extrasmart iTunes playlists and unlimited lists. All this plus the Unix tip of the month.

Multiple iPods and computers

Apple has made it pretty easy to sync an iPod with a computer, but what happens when things get a bit more complicated? If you have more music players or more computers than you know how to deal with, the following tips and tools can help.

Make the most of podcasts

The iTunes Music Store now offers upward of 15,000 podcasts in areas as diverse as technology, sports, politics, and health. Allow us to shed some light on the perplexing aspects of iTunes’ podcasts, with these helpful tips and tricks.

Mac 911

This month Chris Breen deals with slicker slide shows, Preview MIA, protecting archives, iPod safety net, disk utility tricks and fax facts.

Picking the right iPod

Apple currently offers three versions of its diminutive music player—the iPod shuffle, the iPod nano, and the color-screen iPod—at prices ranging from $99 to $399. Which model will best serve you?

Fix iTunes and iPod problems

Apple has created a winning combination with iTunes and the iPod—products that are both fun and easy to use. But even these well-designed feats of Apple software and hardware engineering can cause a few headaches from time to time. Here are some problems you’re likely to encounter and how to fix them.

Mac 911

Solutions to your most vexing Mac problems

The Linux iPod

Imagine using your iPod and a regular old microphone to record studio-quality audio. Or sitting on a commuter train and playing Othello, Pong, Tetris, or Asteroids. All this and more is possible when you install Linux on your third-generation or earlier iPod.

Corral your classical music

If you’re a fan of classical music, then you’ve probably, at some point, become frustrated with iTunes and the iPod. But you can have your Mozart and enjoy it, too, with these simple tips.

Mac 911

Chris Breen offers solutions on the art of linking letters, return addresses, pesky thumbnails, correcting capitalization and instructions on how to do the iPod shuffle.

Play anything

With so many Windows-centric files floating around the Internet, it’s easy for Mac users to feel left out. But with the right software—most of which is just a free download away—you can play almost any file your Windows-using friends throw at you.

Inside the iPod Photo

The iPod photo does more than just play your favorite music and show off a bunch of photos. Christopher Breen and Dan Frakes unravel the mysteries of Apple’s digital device, showing you how to turn movies into digital flipbooks, control and display PowerPoint presentations, entertain party guests, and perform other astounding tricks.

Mac 911

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