Don't-Miss iPods Stories

Create CD Inserts in iTunes

The iPod and iTunes are great, but sometimes you still need a CD. To give your burned CDs more panache, why not print an insert that slides into the disc’s jewel case? We’ll show you how to use iTunes 4.6’s built-in printing features.

Hack the iPod's Notes

You’re in love, and you’re looking for the perfect present for your sweet-potato pie. You’ve already bestowed red roses, vintage wine, and trips to exotic lands. Why not give a more personal gift—one that expresses your amorous emotions with song? Of course we’re talking about an iPod replete with love notes.

iTunes Encoding Strategies

Building a digital music library used to be a simple matter of inserting a CD into your Mac and encoding the songs as MP3 files. Today the process is a little more complicated. iTunes 4.5 not only supports the popular MP3 format but also gives you the option of encoding files in the AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) format or in a new format called Apple Lossless. So which one should you use?