Don't-Miss iPods Stories

Record voice memos on the iPod, iPhone

Using and iPhone or most iPods, you can record voice memos on the go.

Talk to your iPod: Inside Apple's Voice Control

You can control music playback on the iPod touch (late 2009) and iPhone 3GS with Apple's Voice Control feature. Here's how.

Prevent excessive resyncing in iTunes

A bug in iTunes 9.1 can cause it to recopy every song on your iPad everytime you sync. Here's how to stop it.

Score deals with your mobile phone

You can use your iPhone as a barcode scanner or to find in-store coupons. Ginny Mies of PC World runs down some of the money-saving options available to smartphone-toting shoppers.

Create playlists on your iPod or iPhone

The On-The-Go playlist feature of iPods and iPhones lets you build a playlist wherever you are. Here's how.

Bugs & Fixes: Solving 'circular loop' problems in iPhone apps

Ted Landau runs into a circular loop problem with an iPhone app, where quitting and restarting the app immediately returned him to the problem in question. Finding a solution led to a series of "what if" scenarios and what to do about them.

Six uses for a dead iPod

Nothing lasts forever, and iPods are no exception. But in many cases, you can still use a dead iPod in some way.

When good apps go bad

When one of your favorite iPhone apps gets hit with a flawed update, you could wait for the developer to come out with a fix. Or, with the help of Time Machine, you can re-install the old version. Here's how.

Understand the iPhone backup

During a sync, iTunes not only syncs managed information and media, but also creates or updates an iPhone backup. The main function of the backup is to permit you to restore personal data and settings to your iPhone during a Restore. In this excerpt from Take Control of iPhone OS 3, Ted Landau takes a closer look at the process of backing up and restoring your iPhone's data.

Copy music off your iPod

There's nothing worse than losing your iTunes library to a hard drive crash. If you have music on your iPod, you can at least get it back with the right tools.

Caching iPod touch driving directions

You say your iPod touch isn't much good for providing directions while on the road? With a little planning it can be a better navigator.

Head to Head: iPod nano vs. pocket camcorders

How well does the new iPod nano's video camera compare to a standard-definition pocket camcorder? Take a look at samples that PC World shot with a nano, a Flip Mino, an iPhone 3GS, and a Kodak Zi8.

Beyond HandBrake's defaults

HandBrake is a terrific tool for easily ripping DVDs but there may come times when you want to go beyond its preset settings. Here's a look beneath the surface for doing just that.