Don't-Miss iPods Stories

Autofill and keeping podcasts

Autofilling an iPod needn't delete all the content on it. Here's how to keep the media you want and autofill the rest.

Inside iPhone 3.0's Remote Wipe feature

The iPhone 3.0 software's Remote Wipe feature adds a measure of security, but it's not foolproof, and how long it takes depends on the device.

Bugs & Fixes: iPhone 3.0's mystery Mail bug

Ted Landua has noticed an iPhone 3.0 bug where Spotlight searches turn up long-deleted e-mails. Here are the details.

Mac 911 Lightning Round

Quick answers to short questions.

Syncing large music libraries

You have a large iTunes library and an iPod that can't hold it all? Here are tips for shoe-horning the best stuff on to your portable media player.

Hands on with iPhone 3.0's Spotlight

The new iPhone software adds enhanced search tools. Dan Frakes shows you how iPhone 3.0 makes it easier to find information and content on your mobile device.

Using video playlists on the iPhone/iPod touch

You've created a video playlist yet your iPhone fails to respect it. Here are a couple of techniques for ganging together videos within iPhone playlists.

Turn your iPod or iPhone into a portable drive

Whether you use your iPod or iPhone for entertainment, communication, or to amplify your cool quotient, all models share one thing in common: they can function as portable storage devices.

The iPod's alarming options

The iPod and iPhone have the power to put you to sleep and wake you up. We explore both options.

Reclaim some drive space from iTunes

Learn how to free up a bit of drive space by deleting unneeded iPod and iPhone software updaters.

See more device info in iTunes

Learn how to find out additional details about your iPhone, Apple TV, and iPod touch in iTunes’ Summary screen.

Adjust the volume of iTunes and iPod tracks

iTunes' Sound Check feature can help you standardize volume across different tracks.

A salmagundi of smart playlists

Smart playlists in iTunes can help you tame your library. Kirk McElhearn shows you some useful ones.