Don't-Miss iPods Stories

Sing along with your iPod

Lots of CDs provide the lyrics in the liner notes, but songs purchased from the iTunes Store or ripped from your CDs don’t include that information in the file. Nevertheless, iTunes and your iPod can still help you sing along.

Dealing with digital rights

In April 2007, Apple and England’s EMI record label held a joint press conference to announce that individual tracks from EMI would be available at the iTunes Store in two forms—the current 99-cent copy-protected form and a new $1.29 unprotected form, to be known as iTunes Plus.

Mac OS X Hints - Dec. 2007

Rob Griffiths offers his monthly commentary on ways to liven up Numbers spreadsheets, try Dictionary widget tricks, see everything in iTunes, view photo books on screen, automatically update podcasts and more.

Understand more tags

Our November 2007 Playlist column offered insight into some of iTunes’ more confusing tags. Here are two other tags that you may want some help with.

Mac OS X Hints - July 2007

In this month’s edition, Rob Griffiths shows how to check for unsaved changes, shortcuts for saving, uncover Safari’s Activity window, bookmark all tabs, export multiple contacts and change playlists’ default columns.

Excerpt: Use your iPod as a startup drive

What to do on those occasions when your Mac hard drive fails and you can't start up? If you've got an older iPod lying around, you can turn it into an emergency statup disk. In this excerpt from Take Control of Your iPod: Beyond the Music, Steve Sande shows you how.

Convert video for Apple TV

Got a DVD collection that you'd love to be able to watch via Apple TV? Jonathan Seff walks you through the steps of ripping DVDs into Apple TV-compatible files that you can enjoy from the comfort of your couch in the best possible quality.

Mac 911 - May 2007

Christopher Breen answers your questions about how to transfer from VHS to DVD, shift audio pitch and speed, create the endless DVD and TiVo transfers.

Upgrading Apple TV's hard drive

Dan Frakes decided that 40GB wasn't enough space, so he upgraded his Apple TV's hard drive -- and documented the process so you can, too.

Mac OS X Hints - Feb. 2007

Rob Griffiths offers tips on ways to cancel the shut down command, change which application opens a file, zip through podcast lists, edit smart playlists and more.

Moving music off the iPod

When your computer's hard drive crashes, you can rebuild your music library with the songs stored on your iPod. Trouble is, Apple doesn't make this a very easy task. Christopher Breen walks you through the process of moving music off your iPod onto a computer, updated to include information on iTunes 7 and the latest versions of file-swapping utilities.

Mac OS X Hints - September 2006

Harness the powers of drag-and-drop disk-image creation. Change the visible hours in an iCal calendar within nothing more than a mouse's scroll wheel. Or turn your Mac into a musical alarm clock. Kirk McElhearn joins Rob Griffiths to dole out this month's OS X how-tos.

Mac mini-HDTV connection guide

Hooking up a Mac mini to a high-definition television set can be a challenge. Few HDTVs have DVI connections, and, sometimes, the native resolution on your set isn't available in OS X. To walk you through the process, we've created this guide, which we'll update as we get more information on more HDTV models.