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How to arrange and sort files in Lion Finder

Lion Finder offers three different ways to organize your folders: Arrange By, Sort By, and Clean Up By. What does each option do? Can you combine them? Kirk McElhearn explains.

Viewing an old Address Book archive

Situation: You've rebuilt your Address Book by hand, but you've unearthed an old Address Book archive. How to preview the contents of that archive (and copy data from it) without importing it? A new account may be the simplest answer.

More ways to master Mission Control

We've come across even more hints for bending Mission Control to your will.

Restore Snow Leopard's three-finger swipes in Lion

A simple modifier key allows you to temporarily restore Snow Leopard's three-finger swiping behavior in Lion.

Lion, Time Machine, and the death of the iPhoto interface

If you've upgraded to Lion, try firing up Time Machine while running iPhoto. Notice something different? That's right, Time Machine and iPhoto are no longer joined at the hip. But there is a way to recover individual images from Time Machine.

Open Finder folder in Terminal

There are plenty of third-party tools that will open a selected folder in the Terminal. One Hints reader found a way to do it that's built into OS X Lion.

Bugs & Fixes: How best to restore an OS X Lion drive

With the arrival of Lion, figuring out the best way to be prepared for a restore of your drive requires more planning than ever before. Ted Landau walks you through the many options.

How AirDrop makes file-sharing simple

Lion's AirDrop feature makes sharing files between computers as simple as drag-and-drop. Here's what's going on behind the scenes to make that magic happens.

Search for substrings in Safari

By default, Safari won't find strings of text within words when you search; it'll only find words that begin with whatever you're looking for. But a blogger figured out a fix. Also: How to resize Web pages while in full-screen mode.

How to learn to use gestures in Lion

If you've never used Multi-Touch gestures on your Mac, Lion's new emphasis on them may make you feel as though you're being asked to learn a new language. Which, in a way, you are. Here's how to climb the learning curve as smoothly as possible.

Bugs & Fixes: Lion compatibility problems continue

Ted Landau's not yet done with ferreting out Lion conflicts. In this episode he looks at iWow for iTunes issues, video freezes, kernel panics, and HDMI problems with Mac minis. And some good news too.

Hands on with Lion Recovery Disk Assistant

Apple has released a simple utility for creating a bootable Lion Recovery volume from any external USB drive. While Apple's instructions for using Lion Recovery Disk Assistant seem simple enough, there's a lot more you should know.

Limit your kids' Internet access

You say you want to limit your kids' access to the Internet but not to their Macs and iOS devices? Cock a keen eye at your router.