Don't-Miss Apps Stories

Paste file paths in Open, Save dialogs

Here's a quick and easy way to open and save files in specific folders without the tiresome business of navigating up and down your directory trees.

Bugs & Fixes: Mac OS X 10.6.8 bug work-arounds

Ted Landau examines issues with OS X 10.6.8.

Transferring Stickies from one Mac to another

Although you may be aware that Stickies still exists on the Mac, you may not know how to transfer a collection of Stickies notes from one Mac to another. You soon will.

Automator workflow of the month: Move files from subfolders

If you've managed to bury files deep within your Mac's folder structure, this Automator workflow can help. Use it to easily move a group of files out of subfolders.

Last word on Lion and application compatibility

In which I wrap up the few remaining questions about what will and won't run under OS X Lion.

Monitor your system from the Dock

Activity Monitor is a great tool to call up when you need to see what apps are doing in your system. But you can tweak the utility so it always stays visible in the Dock.

Lion compatibility; native or not?

Perhaps you now know that PowerPC applications won't run under OS X Lion. But do you know how to identify those apps? You soon will.

Bugs & Fixes: Microsoft, Adobe issue new security bulletins

Ted Landau wonders whether the stream of security bulletins is making us more anxious about exploits than is justified by the level of risk.

Five new things your apps can do in Lion

While we wait for Lion's July debut, we're going over some of the coolest new features showing up in the OS. Here are five neat tricks your Mac apps will be able to do.

Five new things your Mac can do with Lion

When Mac OS X Lion arrives next month, it will bring more than 250 new features to your Mac. But there are five in particular we wanted to highlight for you.

Mac troubleshooting FAQ: slow-downs and passwords

If your Mac is sluggish, if the spinning rainbow cursor appears more often than you'd like, or if you're forever being locked out of your accounts, here's what you need to do.

What (else) prevents you from upgrading to Lion?

If you've followed along, you know Rosetta is kaput under Lion. (Weep, AppleWorks users, weep.) But what else might put the kibosh on your Lion upgrade?

Mac troubleshooting FAQ: start-up woes

Without a doubt, the issues that cause the greatest consternation to Mac users are those that keep the computer from starting up or, if the computer deigns to boot, that prevent the Mac from operating as it should. Here are answers to common problems.