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Mac troubleshooting FAQ: iCal and Mail

Address Book, iCal, and Mail are super-handy. But they're not always fool-proof. Chris Breen answers the most common troubleshooting questions about these three apps.

Four ways to make the Dock more powerful

Are you taking advantage of all the Dock can do? Kirk McElhearn reveals four ways to use it to quickly access files and folders.

Quickly copy text clippings and .webloc files

If you want to grab the contents of a .webloc file or a text clipping quickly, here's one very quick way to do it.

Are your malware definitions up to date?

What with Mac Defender and all, some of us are paying more attention to Apple's built-in security. That security depends in part on malware definitions, which are updated regularly. Do you have the most recent ones? Here's how to find out.

How to force your Mac to update its malware definitions

Apple's already released a new update to its recently-changed malware definitions file. Here's how to force your Mac to grab the latest update from Apple.

Automator workflow of the month: Create to-do items anywhere

Need help remembering all those things you're supposed to do? This one line Automator workflow will let you create iCal to-do items from within any application.

Solve printing problems with Preview

When an app won't print a page the way you want it to, you can force the issue by printing the document from Preview instead.

Open two instances of one PDF in Preview

Need to see a single Preview document in two windows at the same time--maybe to compare different pages? Here's a simple way to do it.

How to re-sort photos on your iPhone

If photos aren't showing up in the order you want on your phone, here's a way to force the issue.

Skinning Twitterrific for Mac

Not for the faint of heart: Jason Snell explains how to adjust Twitterrific's appearance by editing settings files.

Bugs & Fixes: Using iTunes' Restore From Backup command

Restore from Backup is a little-known troubleshooting asset that can prove useful in a variety of situations. Ted Landau tells you why the command should definitely be in your troubleshooting arsenal.

Get rid of .zip files once they're expanded

It's one of those little irritations: You double-click on a .zip file to expand it, the expanded files appear, and the .zip file is still there. Here's a way to get rid of it.

Make your Mac tell the time

If your power goes out and all the clocks are blinking, you could reset them all using a watch or iPhone as a reference. But why do that when you could program your Mac to shout out the time every five seconds?