Don't-Miss MacBook Stories

Bugs & Fixes: A trio of bugs make news

Bugs related to Apple's Clock app, iPhoto '11, and new MacBook Air displays hit the newswire this week.

Remotely control a MacBook

Apple's hardware remote does owners of late-2009-and-after polycarbonate MacBooks because they lack an IR port. Here are the alternatives.

MacBook versus mini disc

Apple's quite serious when it says all but 120mm round discs are compatible with its slot-loading computers. Still, other discs find their way in.

One way to access the Mac's boot menu

If you have more than one bootable drive (or partition) on your Mac, you know you can get to the boot menu by holding down the Option key at boot time. Learn another less-expected way to get to that same menu in this hint.

How to fix a MagSafe adapter on the go

Is your MacBook's power adapter acting all fritzy? Charging when the wire's in one position, but not in another? With a few materials you can find in your local coffee shop, you might be able to buy yourself some time.

Add an ExpressCard solid state drive to some MacBook Pros

Rob Griffiths talks about his experiences adding an ExpressCard solid state drive (SSD) to his 15-inch MacBook Pro, and then using it as the system boot drive. Learn how well it works, what to watch out for, and the benefits and risks of making the move.

Mac buying guide 2009

In this buying guide, we'll cover all the Macintosh models available, tell you how they've changed over the previous model, and how well they did in our benchmark tests.

Power and the international Mac

No, you needn't purchase a power converter when you take your Mac traveling.

Upgrading a MacBook Pro's hard drive

Laptop in one hand, replacement raw drive in the other. No, you needn't reinstall everything when you install the new hard drive.

Automatically mute sound before meetings

Use a couple of very simple AppleScripts and iCal to mute your laptop before (and unmute it after) you head to meetings, lectures, or other scheduled events.

Resurrecting the MacBook's number pad

With the unibody MacBooks Apple removed the ability for you to use the keyboard as a number pad. Here's how to restore that ability.

Can an SD card startup disk be used on any Mac?

Can an SD card startup disk be used on any Mac? Roman Loyola does a little bit of testing, and finds the answer may be yes.

Change color of BBEdit and TextWrangler 'invisibles' characters

Learn how to change the color of the special characters that BBEdit and TextWrangler use to display invisible characters, such as tabs and line breaks.