Don't-Miss MacBook Stories

Field recording, pre-amps, and Twitter

Twitter assists a reader seeking a solution to his field recording problem.

Troubleshoot your MacBook

Is your laptop lagging? Notebook not its usual self? Ted Landau has some suggestions for solving the most common problems with portable Macs.

Temporarily disable laptop screen dimming

Learn a simple way to temporarily disable the screen dimming feature on laptops being run on battery power.

Monitoring your MacBook's battery

How do you check on your MacBook battery's cycle count and condition? Like so.

The new Mac buying guide

Which new Mac should you buy? Macworld, the world's expert on Apple hardware, has expert buying advice.

Macworld Buying Guides: Apple’s Mac lineup

How well do you know Apple’s current Mac lineup? We’ve put together summaries of each type of Mac on the market today that will tell you when they were last updated, what changed, and how each system performs.

Upgrading a MacBook Pro's hard drive

Unsure about upgrading a MacBook Pro's hard drive? Here are a couple of helpful resources.

MacBook to projector connector

Need to connect your MacBook to a projector? All you need is the right Apple adapter.

ExpressCard/34 Buyers’ Guide

If you've got a MacBook Pro, you've got an ExpressCard/34 slot (instead of the old PC Card slot). Jeff Carlson explains a few of the ways you can use that slot to beef up your laptop.

MacBook Pro and the bad battery

How can you tell if your MacBook's battery is on the fritz? Follow along.

Secrets of Mac trackpad, from iBook to MacBook Air

Depending on which Mac laptop you have, there are up to 10 specialized trackpad functions you can use to make navigating the screen, Mac OS X and various applications faster and easier. Computerworld’s Ryan Faas takes a look at each of them.

Essential mobile gear

As a Macworld editor, I’m often asked what I pack in my laptop bag; here’s a look at the kinds of accessories that are on my must-have on-the-go list, along with some specific examples of them.

Fitting your files on a MacBook Air

If you’ve ordered a MacBook Air, you’ve got some storage decisions to make. The 80GB of storage that ships with this thin notebook goes against the trend of higher-capacity hard drives. But not to worry—Joe Kissell has some advice on how to make sure all your vital files and applications fit on your new laptop.

Laptop gems

Here are some favorite pieces of low-cost software specifically designed for—or just especially handy for—use on a laptop.

GPS for the Mac

Over the past ten years, GPS technology has gone from the military to the mainstream. It’s now a fixture in cars, many folks carry portable GPS units with them on outdoor adventures, and we’re no longer wowed by the fact that you can precisely determine your location almost anywhere in the world.