Don't-Miss MacBook Stories

Essential mobile gear

As a Macworld editor, I’m often asked what I pack in my laptop bag; here’s a look at the kinds of accessories that are on my must-have on-the-go list, along with some specific examples of them.

Fitting your files on a MacBook Air

If you’ve ordered a MacBook Air, you’ve got some storage decisions to make. The 80GB of storage that ships with this thin notebook goes against the trend of higher-capacity hard drives. But not to worry—Joe Kissell has some advice on how to make sure all your vital files and applications fit on your new laptop.

Laptop gems

Here are some favorite pieces of low-cost software specifically designed for—or just especially handy for—use on a laptop.

GPS for the Mac

Over the past ten years, GPS technology has gone from the military to the mainstream. It’s now a fixture in cars, many folks carry portable GPS units with them on outdoor adventures, and we’re no longer wowed by the fact that you can precisely determine your location almost anywhere in the world.

Notebook cleanup and protection

Laptops are subject to far more abuse than desktop Macs. Dirt, dust, and scratches keep them from looking new for long. But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with smudges, stains, and scrapes. Here’s how to make your Mac laptop look good again—and how to then keep it that way.

Eight ways to go green

An energy-efficient office is good for the planet—and your wallet

Upgrade your laptop

Your laptop is a couple of years old, and you’re not particularly happy with its performance anymore—but you aren’t ready to spring for a new one. What to do? You’ve probably considered upgrading your portable Mac. But what, exactly, should you upgrade?

Troubleshooting MacBooks

When Apple put the MacBook and the MacBook Pro on the market, both were justly lauded for their superb performance but just as loudly criticized for flawed batteries, overheating, and other glitches. If you’ve been having problems with either model, we have tips for working around the worst of them.

Amazing Mac mods

Modders love their Macs (and iPods) so much that they want to paint them, accessorize them, and put them into new cases—making the outside as personalized as their on-screen desktops. Here are some of our favorites.

On-the-go entertainment

When you're on the road and done with the labors of the day, you can look to your Mac laptop for diversion. Here are a few accessories that can turn your PowerBook, MacBook Pro, or iBook into a mobile entertainment center.

Beyond basic black

Laptop bags have long been the Model Ts of the accessories world: practical, homely, and black. That’s changing. When it comes to toting your favorite Mac, basic black is way, way out.

Mac 911

Solutions to your most vexing Mac problems

Bag of the Month

FFA’s Attaché laptop case.