Don't-Miss Macs Stories

Create stop-motion animation

With a Mac, camera, software, and inexpensive materials, you can easily create animated videos.

A shortcut for Googling the current Website

Google lets you restrict your search to a particular Website. Today's hint shows you how to initiate a search of the site you're currently viewing with a single click or keyboard shortcut.

Make exact backup copies of your DVDs

Want to make a copy of your wedding DVD for family, or protect your store-bought movies from sticky fingers? Here's how to make exact backups of your DVDs.

MacBook versus mini disc

Apple's quite serious when it says all but 120mm round discs are compatible with its slot-loading computers. Still, other discs find their way in.

Bugs & Fixes: The mystery of the folder that wouldn't open

Ted Landau has a small problem with a folder that won't open. The fix is minor. The real mystery is what's causing it in the first place.

Icon software aids desktop makeovers

If you want unique icons for your desktop or for social networking, you can create your own by hand, as we showed in part one of this series. Today, in part two, Chris McVeigh shows you some freeware and shareware apps you can use to help with the process.

Converting AVCHD files for iMovie

Can you have access to your AVCHD camcorder's files without an attached camcorder? Yes. Here are some options.

Move an iTunes library from a Windows PC to a Mac

Finally making the switch from PC to Mac? Or just want to duplicate your Windows iTunes library in OS X? Kirk McElhearn shows you how to do it.

Create your own unique icons

There are many reasons why you'd want unique icons. Whatever the reason, Chris McVeigh walks you through some simple steps in this first of a two-part series on icon creation and customization.

Where to store your videos

Where's the best place to store video? iPhoto? iMovie? iTunes? It depends.

Bugs & Fixes: Avoid trouble when moving your iTunes library

Because iTunes has a number of similar-sounding options and installs a number of similar-sounding iTunes-related files on your drive, it may not be self-evident how to go about moving your music library. Don't worry -- Ted Landau shows you how to avoid trouble when moving your iTunes library.

The paranoid person’s guide to backing up your iTunes library

A lot of time -- and money -- has gone into building your iTunes library. Christopher Breen helps you keep your investment safe with these tips and techniques.

Use shortcuts with Illustrator's Gradient Mesh

If you use Illustrator, you'll want to know how to use the Gradient Mesh feature. Part one of this two-part series reviews the basic principles of gradient mesh. Part two shows you easy keyboard shortcuts.