Don't-Miss Macs Stories

Enable missing Snow Leopard Services

Re-enable a few missing entries from the Services section of the contextual menu in Snow Leopard.

Contextual consolidation in iTunes 9

Learn how to consolidate only selected music and media in iTunes 9.

Rotate user images in many OS X apps

Learn how to rotate the "avatar" images used to represent a user in programs such as iChat and Address Book.

InDesign tip: tinting grayscale photos

Sure, you can tint photos in Photoshop. But with InDesign you have the freedom to tint, adjust, and retint as often as you like, with only one linked image file to manage.

Bugs & Fixes: Apple admits, fixes iTunes 'remember password' bug

This week's iTunes 9.0.3 update means that the application no longer ignores the "Remember password for purchases" setting. That's great, but Ted Landau wishes Apple would have come clean about the bug more quickly.

Reduce iPhoto launch times

Learn one way to possibly improve iPhoto's launch time if you find that yours is taking forever to launch.

Basic photo editing tricks with layers

Learn how to use layers in your favorite image editor to improve your photos and add sophisticated effects.

Bugs & Fixes: Adobe Reader phishing scam

Want to avoid becoming the victim of a phishing scam? Your first line of defense is usually a little common sense, Ted Landau writes.

Better command history browsing in Terminal

Learn how to improve the way you navigate through the history of commands that Terminal creates as you use it.

One way to access the Mac's boot menu

If you have more than one bootable drive (or partition) on your Mac, you know you can get to the boot menu by holding down the Option key at boot time. Learn another less-expected way to get to that same menu in this hint.

Capturing iTunes Videos

You're a teacher who wants to show educational TV shows purchased from iTunes in the classroom. How?

Remove annoying messages from your Facebook page

Tired of seeing your Facebook page cluttered with the results of whatever quizzes your friends are taking? PCWorld's Rick Broida points out a browser add-on that will clear your pages of those annoyances.

Find only exact duplicates in iTunes

Learn a very simple way to find just exact duplicates in iTunes.