Don't-Miss Macs Stories

Clear just one Recent Items category

Learn a simple way to clear out one category (Applications, Documents, Servers) in the Apple Menu's Recent Items section without clearing the other categories.

Ease web searches with LaunchBar

Learn how to use LaunchBar to quickly search your favorite sites, and how to use Google's I'm Feeling Lucky feature to immediately jump to the results you (most likely) want to see.

Tips for weathering power outages

When the lights go out, what's a Mac user to do? Try these tips.

How to correct color problems in iPhoto

Learn how to use iPhoto's Adjust palette to tackle bad color, which is one of the most challenging image problems to solve.

Blu-ray ripping on the Mac

DVD ripping has been easy to do on the Mac for some time. Blu-ray ripping, however, is just starting to make an appearance.

Color-correct your video in iMovie

iMovie '09's easy-to-use color correction controls let you improve the quality of your videos. Jeff Carlson shows us how.

New ways to navigate column view Finder windows in 10.6

Learn how to use new keys to move up and down a folder hierarchy in Snow Leopard without losing your currently-selected file.

Improve images with iPhoto's histogram

With these tips you can use the histogram in iPhoto's Adjust palette to manually change and perfect to the tones of a photograph.

Watch smaller-resolution movies at their native size in Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard's QuickTime Player won't display smaller movies at their native resolution. Learn a few different ways of working around this limitation.

Recover apparently-vanished messages in Mail

Learn one possible method to restore messages that have gone missing -- not ones that you've deleted, but messages that really should be there, but simply aren't.

Four ways to fake infrared photography

Want to experiment with the look of infrared photography without investing in the equipment or time? In the second part of our series, Derrick Story shows you how to fake it with iPhone apps and image-editing software.

Illustrator tip: Live Trace

Pariah Burke shows us how to turn a painting into a drawing using Illustrator's Live Trace feature.

Make 10.6's List Stacks look like Grid Stacks

Use a Terminal command to change the behavior of List Stacks in Snow Leopard so that they behave like Grid Stacks: Folders won't open in slide-out menus on mouseover, and instead must be opened with a click or press of the Return key.