Don't-Miss Macs Stories

Set background color for selected text in TextEdit

Learn how to set the background color for selected text (instead of the entire document) in TextEdit

Go underwater with a point-and-shoot

To capture friendly sea turtles up close, Danny Allen put his regular Canon point-and-shoot camera into a waterproof case.

Use mouseover highlights in Snow Leopard's Stacks

Learn two ways to see mouseover highlights when using grid and fan view Stacks in Snow Leopard.

Manage OS X's downloaded file warning system

The first time you launch a downloaded application in OS X, the system will warn you that the file was downloaded, and ask if you're sure you want to open it. This hint explains how to remove that warning from files you've already downloaded, and optionally, from all future downloads.

Don't send special keys in 10.6's Screen Sharing

In 10.6, the system will send keys, such as Command-Tab, Command-Option-Escape, and others, to the remote machine during Screen Sharing sessions. This hint explains how to prevent that from happening, so that the special keys are interpreted by the local Mac.

Working with multiple browsers

Even though different browsers excel at different tasks, it can be a pain to keep passwords, bookmarks, and more in sync. Joe Kissell shows you how to make the process seamless.

Five jobs other browsers do better

Safari and Firefox make great everyday choices, but sometimes you a specialist. Here are the best alternative browsers to help with specific tasks.

Disable spell checking in Stickies in 10.6

Learn how to permanently disable spell check in Stickies in Snow Leopard

Eight reasons to choose Safari or Firefox

Joe Kissell thinks either Apple Safari or Mozilla Firefox should be your default browser. But how do you decide between these two Web heavy-hitters? Take a look at their strengths.

Batch conversion saves slow QuickTime clips

Rob Griffiths discusses a problem he had with extremely slow frame rates on some high definition video backgrounds. In the end, saving the clips required converting them to another QuickTime compression format.

Create a simple time-lapse movie

You can create a time-lapse movie with your camera, iPhone, or web cam. Time-lapse movies can give us a fresh perspective by speeding up slow-moving action and compressing hours, days, and months into seconds and minutes.

From digital to print and back

The journey of an electronic scrapbook page to printer and back.

See path to messages in Snow Leopard's Mail

A quick hint about a new feature in Snow Leopard's Mail that lets you easily see the path to any message you have opened in a separate window.