Don't-Miss Networking Stories

Laptop gems

Here are some favorite pieces of low-cost software specifically designed for—or just especially handy for—use on a laptop.

New AirPort, old network

Apple’s new AirPort Extreme Base Station, based on the still-in-progress IEEE 802.11n standard, can wirelessly transmit more than 90 megabits per second (Mbps) of data.

Redirect domain names

Registering more than one domain name to point to a single Web site isn’t unusual. Nor is it strange to host a Web page at an ISP or community site and want a subdomain to bring people directly to what’s often a long and hard-to-remember URL. Redirection is the answer.

Eight ways to go green

An energy-efficient office is good for the planet—and your wallet

How do spam busters work?

Built-in and add-on spam busters—programs designed to work with your e-mail program to eliminate spam—go about determining what is and isn’t spam in a variety of ways.

Three for the road

If you travel with any regularity, chances are you have your favorite tricks for making each trip go as smoothly as possible. Here are a few more techniques to add to your repertoire, from three of our mobile Mac experts.

No-stress remote access

When you’re at the office or on the road, it can be handy to have remote access to your home Mac—so you can retrieve a forgotten file, start a large download, or perform some other task.

Mac OS X Hints - May 2007

This month Rob Griffiths offers tips on how to put your Mac to sleep from afar, get a handle on fonts, send long URLs via e-mail, merge two iCal calendars, quickly hide Mail’s preview pane and decode Mail’s folder colors.

Mac 911 - March 2007

Christopher Breen offers up tips on how to sync your Address Book without .Mac, find missing iPhoto pictures, fix fonts in TextEdit and run Windows safely.

Mac 911 - Oct. 2006

Chris Breen offers insights on ways to get iTunes Video audio on your nano, the dirt on scanners, child protection services, splitting underpowered USB and doing the dish.

Setting up dynamic DNS

You're on the road, and it's the night before your big presentation. That's when you realize that the presentation your business's future depends on is sitting on your Mac at home, hundreds of miles away. With a little forethought and preparation, this wouldn't be a problem.

Mac 911 - Sept. 2006

This month, Chris Breen offers his tips for restoring sidebar entries, smarter backup burning, tweaking Pages’ templates, slimming Mail’s IMAP messages, covering your tracks and much more.

Get online from anywhere

Until recently, if you wanted to get online while on the road, you had two main options: jack in to your hotel’s in-house network or find a Wi-Fi hotspot. But a third option is slowly gaining traction.

Create a wireless hotspot

Whether you want to entice customers to your hip café or simplify life for everyone in your apartment building, it makes sense to set up a wireless hotspot.

Mac 911

Chris Breen takes a look problems dealing with an insomniac Mac, doing diagnostics, the cure for missing Key Caps, an imageless Outlook and old-school drives.