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Setting up dynamic DNS

You're on the road, and it's the night before your big presentation. That's when you realize that the presentation your business's future depends on is sitting on your Mac at home, hundreds of miles away. With a little forethought and preparation, this wouldn't be a problem.

Get online from anywhere

Until recently, if you wanted to get online while on the road, you had two main options: jack in to your hotel’s in-house network or find a Wi-Fi hotspot. But a third option is slowly gaining traction.

Mac 911 - Sept. 2006

This month, Chris Breen offers his tips for restoring sidebar entries, smarter backup burning, tweaking Pages’ templates, slimming Mail’s IMAP messages, covering your tracks and much more.

Create a wireless hotspot

Whether you want to entice customers to your hip café or simplify life for everyone in your apartment building, it makes sense to set up a wireless hotspot.

Mac 911

Chris Breen takes a look problems dealing with an insomniac Mac, doing diagnostics, the cure for missing Key Caps, an imageless Outlook and old-school drives.

Get online with a cell phone

The best way to access the Internet when you’re on the road is to connect your laptop to a broadband service via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. And your laptop’s internal modem can provide a reliable, if slow, way to get online. But what if none of these connections is available? The answer may be to use your cell phone as a modem.

Ad hoc networking

When you’re on the road, your portable Mac is often on its own. And while you can often get Net access, one way or another, there are times when you need to share that access, or share files, with your traveling companions. The solution is ad hoc (or computer-to-computer) networking.

Mac 911

Chris Breen offers solutions on reindexing Spotlight, giving slide shows a voice, bugging iMovie, working wirelessly and figuring out whether to upgrade or trade up?

Fix AirPort printing problems

Sharing a printer among multiple computers over an AirPort network usually just works. But according to online reports and reader mail, it doesn’t work all the time. Here are five basic troubleshooting steps.

Geek Factor Podcast #1: Bluetooth

Inside Bluetooth 2.0 and more

How to use hotspots

You’d have to be living far, far away from a Starbucks not to know that Wi-Fi hotspots are everywhere these days. But using those hotspots to get online isn’t always easy.

Stranger in a Strange LAN

If you’re trying to log onto a network using an AirPort Base Station, your Mac will alert you to the presence of the network. But if it’s a non-Apple network, getting on can be anything but simple. Find out how to navigate the wireless maze.

Mac 911

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