Don't-Miss Networking Stories

Mac troubleshooting: What to do when you can't connect to the Internet

No connection? Follow Joe Kissell's steps to figure out what's keeping you off the Internet.

An obscenely slow Internet connection when you're paying for a fast one

Interronator is paying Time Warner for 20mbps Internet service, but is only getting about .7 (note the decimal point).


Limiting your kids' iOS use

Cool as iOS devices are, they can get in the way of more important activities. Chris Breen offers advice on limiting their Internet access.

Migration Assistant + Thunderbolt/FireWire Adapter = huh!?

Tried to use Migration Assistant with a Thunderbolt to FireWire adapter?

Evaluating the strength of your AirPort network

The little fan icon in your Mac's menu bar tells you precious little about how strong your AirPort network's signal really is. With the help of Chris Breen and some light math, you can get a better clue.

Eight ways to connect to a server

Most of us have to connect to a server every day to access files and to share them with others. But do you know the quickest and most convenient way? Kirk McElhearn walks through eight options for performing this critical task.

Troubleshoot your wireless network with Wi-Fi Diagnostics

OS X comes with its own utility for monitoring and analysing the traffic on your local wireless network. Glenn Fleishman has a walk-through.

Mountain Lion and the ancient AirPort Base Station

A reader is stuck between old hardware and a new operating system. Chris Breen helps him wiggle free.

How to surf safely with a VPN-for-hire

If you regularly use public networks--such as those in airports or coffeeshops--to access the Net, you should know that your data is at risk. You should also know that private, commercial VPN services are available that will keep your data safe.

Remotely transfer iPhoto images to iPhone

You're on the road and you need some images in your Mac's iPhoto library on your iPhone, tout suite. Chris Breen explains how to do it.

Cure for a nagging AirPort Utility

So, AirPort Utility pops up on its own to bug you about an unwanted firmware update? Chris Breen explains how to nix the nag.

About routers, hubs, and switches

If you found an Internet-capable gadget under your tree this year, it may be time to learn what does what in a local network.

Bugs & Fixes: Bridge over troubled modem

Are you a Comcast Internet customer? If so, Ted Landau has this bit of advice: If you don't want Comcast's Voice feature, avoid getting their Gateway devices. In fact, avoid their cable modems as well. Buy your own.

How to stay connected in unconnected places

Traveling for the holidays? There have never been more options for acquiring high-speed Internet access, whether you're staying at your old family home or a hotel.

Determine which base station you're connected to on a bridged network

Setting up a bridged network can be pretty straightforward. Figuring out which base station you're connected to a bit more complicated--until you learn the trick.