Don't-Miss Networking Stories

iPad power: Connect to a remote Mac

Whether you need to run a Mac app or fetch a file, it can be handy to connect to a remote Mac from your iPad. Here's how.

Sharing a hotel Internet connection

Chris Breen brings a little clarity to the subject of sharing a wired connection with an iOS device.

Eight tips for travelers

Whether you're hitting the road for business or pleasure, these tips can make traveling with your Apple gear much more fun.

Monitoring Internet usage

Does your network occasionally slow to a crawl when accessing data on the Internet? Here are a couple of tools you can use to discover what's chewing up your bandwidth.

iPad power: connect to a VPN

It's easy to protect your iPad and its data by using your office's virtual private network, or VPN. Here's how to get connected.

Use Bluetooth to tether your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad

Apple's recent iOS 4.3 update adds Bluetooth tethering to every iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad capable of running that version of the mobile operating system. This lets any of those devices obtain an Internet connection from an iPhone with its sharing feature enabled. Glenn Fleishman shows you how it's done and tells you why you'd want to do it.

Connect an Android phone to Mac OS X's Internet Sharing

Glenn Fleishman does a little detective work to figure out why an Android smartphone can't connect to the software base station on a MacBook Pro.

Mac IT Guy: the phantom printer

What happens when you disconnect a printer from the network, but one of your Macs still thinks it's there? Also: Connecting Macs to DFS.

Nine ways to transfer files from one Mac to another

If you have two Macs—for instance, a desktop and a laptop—you may often find yourself transferring files between them. You might also need to send files to friends or colleagues, and, in some cases, file size could make this difficult. Here are nine ways to get a file from here to there.

Control AirPort from the keyboard

If you use the menu bar's Airport icon primarily to turn Airport on and off, you can save some space by getting rid of the icon and toggling Airport power with the keyboard or mouse instead.

Mac IT Guy: two routers, one network

If you have two routers on the same network, they may be confusing all the Macs that connect to them; here's how to straight it out. Plus: Best tape backup system for Macs?

Mac IT Guy: Network overload, OS X Server

One reader wants to know how to prevent drop-outs when he's streaming iTunes around the house, another asks about troubleshooting an OS X Server installation.

Five simple ways to speed up your home network

Squeezing the most out performance out of your network is called optimizing, and it isn't very hard, and it doesn't have to be all that expensive.