Don't-Miss Networking Stories

Mac IT Guy: Old parts, remote connections

This week, two questions, one about where to find replacement parts for an old Mac Pro, the other about connecting to remote Macs over a network.

AirPort and the stubborn cable modem

You try to do a good deed for your mom (and yourself) by purchasing a more powerful wireless router. Yet the cable modem refuses to give up a working IP. Solutions for a stern reset.

Automatically shut off Airport

When you connect an Ethernet cable to your Mac, do you still need Airport? If not, these scripts will turn it off automatically.

Remotely control a MacBook

Apple's hardware remote does owners of late-2009-and-after polycarbonate MacBooks because they lack an IR port. Here are the alternatives.

Moving a Mac mini's AirPort card

Two Mac mini, AirPort card in the wrong one. What to do?

Bugs & Fixes: Router's network password can slow Wi-Fi speed

Is the speed of your 802.11n Wi-Fi network unexpectedly slow? If you are getting a strong signal and everything else seems to be working fine, your type of password may be the reason behind the slow down. Ted Landau explains.

Speed up your wireless network

Macworld contributor Glenn Fleishman dishes on how to diagnose issues with your Wi-Fi network and resolve them.

Use timed access to lock out iDevices from Wi-Fi

Worried that your teen or tween is spending all night wired to the iPod touch or iPad? Glenn Fleishman walks you through a way to set timed access in a manner that sticks if you're using an Apple Wi-Fi base station on your network.

iPad 3G: How much does 250MB get you?

Apple surprisingly convinced AT&T to offer a cheaper, smaller data plan on the iPad for people who may not need unlimited surfing. We took an iPad Wi-Fi + 3G out for a spin on this 3G plan to see just how much Web browsing, video watching, and app updating we could wring out of it.

Optimize wireless reception from a distance

Ever have to connect to a wireless network from far away or under less-than-optimal conditions. Here's a way to make sure your reception is as good as it can be.

Living with Windows: sharing drives

You've got Macs and Windows PCs on the same network, and you'd like them to share a hard drive for backup or file-storage: John Rizzo shows you three ways to do it.

Living with Windows: sharing screens

Remotely controlling another system can be handy for troubleshooting, looking up documents, or running apps you can't run on your own computer. But getting that to work between Macs and Windows PCs takes tinkering.

Living with Windows: sharing files

If you have Macs and Windows PCs on the same network, you might want to share files between them. Here's how to set that up.