Don't-Miss Networking Stories

Eight iPhone apps and services for system admins

John C. Welch rounds up the iPhone apps and services that make his IT job go a lot smoother.

How to secure your home network

A reader writes Macworld, asking about the best way to set up a home network so both Macs and Windows PCs can securely connect to it, without letting any intruders in. Glenn Fleishman explains how.

Troubleshooting Back to My Mac

Apple's Back to My Mac service, which was supposed to make it easy to remotely access your Mac's files, doesn't always work as advertised. Glenn Fleishman explains how to get it up and running.

Mac management for Windows IT folks

The prospect of introducing Macs into a Windows environment brings with it many questions and challenges. Will Macs be able to access network resources? Can they be joined to an Active Directory domain? What sort of deployment and management options are there for Macs? Computerworld’s Ryan Faas tackles these questions.

Disable Screen Sharing’s lack-of-encryption warning

When you use Screen Sharing to connect to a host that doesn’t speak Screen Sharing’s encryption language, you’ll see a warning before the connection occurs. Learn how to disable the warning.

Migrate data from PC to Mac

Your parents have finally relented and will get a Mac to replace their aged PC. It's your job to move their data. How? Try these techniques.

Setting up and using SNMPv3 on OS X

When it comes to checking on your network, Simple Network Management Protocol offers a relatively low-bandwidth way to see what’s happening. Version 3 of the protocol adds an extra layer of security. John C. Welch shows you how to set up SNMPv3 and explains why you would want to.

How to set up a cross-platform network

As your business grows and you add employees and computers, you’ll need to find a way to connect them—especially if you’re working in a cross-platform environment. By using suitable off-the-shelf networking equipment and the various operating systems’ built-in tools, you can connect your heterogeneous hardware to the universe in short order.

Fix an error 51 with the Cisco VPN Client

If you use the Cisco VPN Client, you may have occasionally been hit with an ‘error 51’ when trying to launch the program. Learn how to fix that problem without rebooting your Mac.

Restore Screen Sharing buttons to 10.5.5

Learn a couple ways to bring back the hidden but useful toolbar buttons from pre-10.5.5 versions of OS X's Screen Sharing application.

Use a command-line AirPort tool

Learn how to use an Apple-provided tool to manage your Mac's AirPort card and connections.

Gain full keyboard and mouse control in 10.5’s screen sharing

Do you use 10.5’s screen sharing feature? Have you been frustrated by the inability to send, for instance, Command-Tab to the remote Mac? Here’'s a simple way to solve that, and other, problems.

ExpressCard/34 Buyers’ Guide

If you've got a MacBook Pro, you've got an ExpressCard/34 slot (instead of the old PC Card slot). Jeff Carlson explains a few of the ways you can use that slot to beef up your laptop.