Don't-Miss OS X Stories

Mac 101: Your input devices

Intuitive as our Macs may be, they're not yet at the point where they can tune into our thoughts to do our bidding. We need devices to tell the Mac what to do. In this week's Mac 101 we look at those very devices.

How to create shared Reminders with iCloud in Mac OS X 10.8.2

You can use shared Reminders lists to maintain, say, an always-in-sync grocery shopping list with your spouse or roommates. But the option to create such shared lists disappeared from Here's how to create them now.

Mac 101: All about windows

Before Microsoft Windows there were windows on the Mac. Chris Breen offers a tour.

Eight ways to connect to a server

Most of us have to connect to a server every day to access files and to share them with others. But do you know the quickest and most convenient way? Kirk McElhearn walks through eight options for performing this critical task.

Mountain Lion's Calendar: Your questions answered

Today’s Calendar application is more than just a simple date book. Here are answers to the Calendar questions that Chris Breen hears most often.

Quick Look power tips: working with multiple files

How can you efficiently rummage through multiple files without taking the time to open them all? All you need is the often-overlooked features of OS X's Quick Look.

The hidden powers of Mountain Lion's Preview

Tucked inside this seemly simple program for viewing and manipulating PDF and image files are tons of advanced features. Here’s an overview of the recent additions to Preview that you may not know about.

Easily encrypt drives in Mountain Lion

OS X has long let you use Disk Utility to encrypt removable drives to prevent other people from accessing your data. But doing so used to require you to use Disk Utility and navigate its many options, menus, and buttons. In Mountain Lion, the process is much easier. Here's how to do it. We also show you how to encrypt your Time Machine backup drives.

Automator workflow of the month: One-touch tidiness

If you're like 97 percent of us, you toss files on the desktop with abandon. Need an easy way to clean it up? Automator and Chris Breen show you how.

Troubleshoot your wireless network with Wi-Fi Diagnostics

OS X comes with its own utility for monitoring and analysing the traffic on your local wireless network. Glenn Fleishman has a walk-through.

Mountain Lion Dictation tricks

Macworld staff writer Lex Friedman shows off some tricks you can use to get the most out of the Dictation voice transcription technology built into Mountain Lion.

Filtering faked email messages

You'd like to filter a particular kind of email crud but either identifying information is missing or faked. How do you go about it? Chris Breen reveals all.

When the size column matters

Can't your favorite column arrangements to stick in the Finder's List view? Perhaps you need to update your version of Mac OS.