Don't-Miss OS X Stories

Unzip almost any archive file

Sometimes, .zip files (and other archives) don't unzip when you double-click them. When that happens, there are a couple of other things you can try.

How to manage your Mac's keyboard shortcuts

Many of us rely on keyboard shortcuts to work with our Macs more efficiently. But such reliance presents a problem: How to remember and manage all those shortcuts? Rob Griffiths has a few tips.

Quickly print files from within the Finder

If you find trips to the Print dialog box tedious, you can skirt that dialog box by printing from within the Finder. Chris Breen explains how.

How to make Lion's desktop spaces stick

Disconcerted that your carefully laid out desktop spaces move about as you switch to different applications? A system preference option will set things straight.

Customize shortcuts for Mission Control, Dashboard

The Mission Control preference pane offers a limited set of keyboard shortcuts for triggering both Mission Control and Dashboard. But if you want to use a shortcut not included in that limited palette, there is a way.

How to set applications to automatically launch at startup

Want your favorite apps to launch as soon as your Mac boots? Follow this shortcut.

Tame Lion's Resume features

Vexed by spontaneously opening apps and windows in Lion? Take control of what opens when with these tips.

Skirting auto-login in Lion

You've configured your Mac to automatically login to a particular account but now you'd like to switch to a different account. Are there any shortcuts? Perhaps not as many as you'd like.

Use OS X linen pattern for desktop background

You know that dark linen-pattern background that Apple's been using everywhere lately--the Lion login window, for example? If you like it, you can use it as your desktop background. Kirk McElhearn explains.

Tweaking Lion's firewall

Like versions of OS X's firewall before it, Lion limits what you can do with the firewall from within the Security & Privacy system preference. Thankfully there's a terrific tool for digging deeper.

Add Finder labels via drag-and-drop

There are plenty of ways to assign a color label to a file or folder in the Finder. But one OS X Hints reader seems to have found a new one.

How to use Boot Camp with Lion

Wish you could run a Windows-only game? Got files from an old PC you really need to look at again? Today's Macs can run Windows natively using Boot Camp, a utility included with the Mac OS. Here's how to set it up.

Correct spelling from the keyboard

OS X's built-in spell-check is nice, but it usually requires you to move your hands from the keyboard to the mouse to select the correct spelling. But one OS X Hints reader found a way to select the correct spellings from the keyboard.