Don't-Miss OS X Stories

Enable local Time Machine snapshots on a desktop Mac

Lion introduced local Time Machine snapshots for when your laptop isn't connected to your backup drive. But you can enable those local snapshots on a desktop Mac, too.

Four great OS X services you don't know about

Once you know the basics about services, OS X's underused shortcuts, your next question is inevitably: Where can I find more? Kirk McElhearn reveals four of the best.

How to use services in Mac OS X

OS X services let you borrow features from other programs, saving yourself time and multiple steps in the process. Kirk McElhearn answers frequently asked questions about Lion's most underused shortcuts.

Select and copy text within Quick Look previews

When you use Quick Look to preview documents, you can't select and copy the text without exiting Quick Look and launching the right application. Unless, that is, you use this hint.

Bugs & Fixes: Solving a strange file sharing error

Ted Landau runs into trouble trying to connect his Mac Pro to his MacBook Air via Lion's file sharing capabilities. Fortunately, it's an easy problem to fix.

Partition your hard drive with data still on it

There's no need to completely wipe the data from your drive when you want to partition that drive. Chris Breen shows you how.

Clean out Launchpad completely

If you use Launchpad, you know it can get awfully crowded, which makes it less useful. Here's a way to clean it out entirely so you can start over with just the apps you want.

Resetting a forgotten administrator's password in Lion

At one time you could change an account's password by booting from your OS X installation disc. But Lion has no such disc so what's the trick? Chris Breen shows you how.

Giving the gift of the painfully obvious

In this follow-up to lending a helping hand to your friends and relatives during the holidays, Chris Breen suggests introducing those same people to some basic Mac OS features that they (and you) may have overlooked.

Photo Booth power user features

If Photo Booth power users used to be uncommon, we're about to fix that.

Hidden Lion gesture switches to previous space

After a quick trip to Terminal, you can use a secret four-finger double-tap to go back to your previous space.

Five unexpected uses for the Option key

The unsung hero of the keyboard, the Option key can reveal alternative commands and unlock all sorts of hidden features. Here are five of Sharon Zardetto's favorite Option key tricks.

Fix Lion's erroneous autocorrections, permanently

If Lion regularly autocorrects words that you'd prefer it just leave alone, there's an easy fix.