Don't-Miss OS X Mountain Lion Stories

How to manage passwords with Keychain Access

Curious to know how you can better manage your passwords? Chris Breen provides tips and tricks for getting the most from OS X's Keychain Access.

Mac 101: Diving into menus, part 3

In the third installment of his primer on Finder menus, Chris Breen goes through the View, Go, Window, and Help menus.

Adding subscribers to your photo streams

Unsure on some of the details regarding sharing photo streams? Chris Breen streams those details from his brain to yours.

How to restore data from Time Machine in Mountain Lion

If you use Time Machine regularly, you're ready for whatever technological mishaps life throws at you. Restoring data from Time Machine is just as easy as backing things up in the first place.

How to reset a login password

In the old days you could reset a login password via a Mac's OS X installer disc. But with no such discs, what to do? Chris Breen provides the answer.

How to set up Time Machine in Mountain Lion

Ready to start backing up your Mac? You don't need anything but an external hard drive and OS X's built-in Time Machine.

Bugs & Fixes: Workarounds for two preference bugs

Ted Landau finds ways around two System Preferences bugs

Mac 101: Diving into menus, part 2

In this week's lesson, Chris Breen explores the Finder's File and Edit menus.

Moving a Time Machine backup

The drive you've been using for your Time Machine backups is now full. Chris Breen shows you how to move that backup to a more capacious drive.

How to share family contacts

You have contacts and so does your mate. You'd like them to be available to you both on all your Macs and iOS devices. Chris Breen offers two solutions for making this possible.

Mac 101: Diving into menus, part 1

You know where the menu bar is and that it's full of menus. But what do the commands within those menus do? Chris Breen begins an exploration of exactly that.

Having it all: Accessing files from the road

You say you're about to hit the road with a laptop and iPad and would like to have access to your most precious files? Chris Breen offers a variety of techniques for having it all.

Building better reminders: Quick to-dos and audible alerts

Have you ever wished that when your Mac reminded you of an upcoming event, it would shout, "Hey! This is important!" to get your attention? Automator makes that possible.