Don't-Miss OS X Mountain Lion Stories

Stop Mail launching for Calendar alerts

Mail has a bad habit of launching whenever an invitation alerts goes off. Here's how to prevent it from happening.

Messages: Working with transcripts

Being able to save and review conversations you've had in Messages is one of that app's most useful features. Glenn Fleishman has some tips on making of the most of it.

Simultaneously working with two accounts on a single Mac

You sit at Mac A. Mac B, on which you have an account, is being used by someone else. Chris Breen explains how both of you can work on Mac B at the same time using different accounts.

Mountain Lion's Calendar: Your questions answered

Today’s Calendar application is more than just a simple date book. Here are answers to the Calendar questions that Chris Breen hears most often.

Do more with Mountain Lion’s Contacts

Mountain Lions' Contacts can do more than you think. Here's how to pull in Twitter handles and Facebook friends automatically, sync Google contacts, display a map of a contact’s address, and more.

Easily encrypt drives in Mountain Lion

OS X has long let you use Disk Utility to encrypt removable drives to prevent other people from accessing your data. But doing so used to require you to use Disk Utility and navigate its many options, menus, and buttons. In Mountain Lion, the process is much easier. Here's how to do it. We also show you how to encrypt your Time Machine backup drives.

Turn email into reminders

Need a simple way to remind yourself about important emailed events? There's an application for that.