Don't-Miss OS X Mountain Lion Stories

Making video calls with FaceTime

In this week's Mac 101, Professor Breen describes how to make and receive FaceTime video calls.

Grab bag: Missing surround sound, a lost Mac, and more

Today's Mac 911 is a grab bag of big questions with little answers.

Automator workflow of the month: Automatically copy Photo Stream images

Frequent contributor Jeff Carlson had complained that Photo Stream images are difficult to access without opening iPhoto or Aperture. Chris Breen provides a solution.

Just how snoop-proof is your Mac?

If someone has physical access to your Mac and you've taken no steps to encrypt its data, it's game over. Chris Breen explains.

Bugs & Fixes: iTunes 11.0.3 update improves app updating

Ted Landau explains that updating apps in iTunes just got easier with version 11.0.3.

Doing more with Messages

Last week, Professor Breen took you on an extensive tour of Messages. This week, he wraps up the topic by looking at the application's screen-sharing, remote presentation, and archiving abilities.

Getting started with Messages

In this week's lesson, Dr. Breen (honorary) begins his exploration of Mountain Lion's Messages application.

Bugs & Fixes: When TextEdit won’t save

Ted Landau finds that when it comes to TextEdit's inability to save files, it's better to quit (and restart) than fight.

All about Reminders

In his next lesson, Chris Breen shows those new to Mountain Lion how to get the most out of the Reminders application.

Discussing the Mac mini media server

Host Philip Michaels speaks with Chris Breen about the Mac mini he's set up as a media server.

How to automate FTP uploads

With a little Automator drag-and-drop folder action you can easily upload new folders to an FTP server.

The computer in the living room: setting up a Mac mini media center

You want one box to manage all of your local and online media. Could the Mac mini be that box? Chris Breen says the answer could be yes if you're technically inclined, but maybe not for the whole family.

Introducing Contacts

Dr. Breen (not a real doctor or Ph.D) delves into Mountain Lion's Contacts application.