Don't-Miss OS X Mountain Lion Stories

The anatomy of the Mail window

This week Professor Breen begins a series of looks at Apple's Mail application.

Sending email to all the addresses a contact has

In those "All Hands On Deck" moments you want to be able to send email messages to every address a contact has. And you'd like to do so easily. Chris Breen offers a handful of suggestions.

Bugs & Fixes: Recover photos lost in an import

Ted Landau relates the tale of a friend who fears he's lost every photo on his iPhone. Ted, naturally, came to the rescue.

Stop drowning in apps

Your Mac, your iPad, your iPhone--are they all drowning in apps? If you can barely navigate your home screen, it may be time to find and delete apps you don't use often.

8 ways to hide files and folders in OS X

Maybe you have a laptop want to be extra safe. Maybe you share a computer and want to keep some things private. Whatever your reason for wanting to keep some files or folders hidden, we found eight ways to do it.

Using Mountain Lion's dictation and text-to-speech features

Class is back in session and there's no reason to write notes for the upcoming test. Use dictation instead! Professor Breen explains how.

When Safe Boot won't boot

You've tried to boot your Mac into Safe Mode but it stalls. What to do? Chris Breen explains what Safe Mode is and how to get around your Mac's reluctance to boot.

Pausing the Parental Controls timer

You say your grandkids have walked away from a Mac that continues to count down the remaining time they can continue using it? Chris Breen details how to put the timer on hold.

Configuring Parental Controls

In this week's Mac 101, Dr. Breen details the workings of Mountain Lion's Parental Controls.

When you finally move to Mountain Lion

Finally getting around to upgrading the Mac OS? Chris Breen points out the obvious differences you'll feel at first.

Bugs & Fixes: When Safari bookmarks fail to sync

Ted Landau offers advice on syncing bookmarks between devices

Configuring Mountain Lion's Users & Groups

Professor Breen returns with a Mac 101 lesson on how to configure Mountain Lion's accounts through the Users & Groups system preference.

Exploring the Mac's sharing features

Mountain Lion provides multiple ways to share your Mac's files as well as some of the devices attached to it. Chris Breen explains in the latest Mac 101.