Don't-Miss Printer Stories

The real paperless office

Computers were supposed to make paperless offices possible, but most of us are surrounded by more pages than ever. It’s possible to break free from paper’s grip, however.

Mac 911 - Oct. 2007

Christopher Breen answers reader questions about blurry iMovie stills, nonprinting printers, syncing select contacts, and iMovie chapters as iDVD clips.

Printing on unusual surfaces

Many people assume that when printing photos at home, you have to use paper from the same company that makes your printer. But while there are certain advantages to sticking with the same brand, it's not your only option.

Paper sources

There are many large and small companies that offer excellent papers for your photo inkjet printer. Here are a few of our favorites.

Solve printer problems

Blurry details. Runny ink. Unsightly blotches. Getting the best prints from your ink-jet printer can be tricky. We’ll show you how to recognize and correct the most-common print problems.

Fix AirPort printing problems

Sharing a printer among multiple computers over an AirPort network usually just works. But according to online reports and reader mail, it doesn’t work all the time. Here are five basic troubleshooting steps.