Don't-Miss Printer Stories

The art of choosing a multifunction printer

Multifunction printers are a great tool for offices of all sizes: they represent a solid tradeoff between price and features, occupy less office space, and often give years of faithful service--which is why picking just the right one is so important.

Printing your tax returns from electronic programs

Sure, you can go paperless and have all your tax documents filed electronically and saved digitally. But there's something about saving a copy of that precious return that moves people to fire up their printers--just in case.

The art of printing in Bento

While Bento 3 is not really designed for extensive printing, you can print very well from it if you use the right techniques. Our database expert William Porter walks us through the basics.

How to resize digital images for printing

If you want to print your photos for framing or sending to family and friends, here are some tips for getting the best results.

Merge multiple photos into a panorama

Shooting scenic photos is an art in itself, but placing them into a panorama requires some simple software know-how. Chris McVeigh walks you through the process of creating a gorgeous pano.

How to create labels with Pages

Pages doesn’t ship with any built-in label templates, but it’s actually easy to create and use standard labels with the program if you know a few tricks.

FileMaker Pro printing secrets

While database entry is generally an on-screen operation, what if you have to print your database? Filemaker Pro expert Will Porter offers some tips.

Wireless printing from an iPad

Although your wireless printer may not be compatible with Apple's AirPrint technology, an inexpensive utility makes it possible to print to just about any printer from your iPad.

Printing primer: Know your options in Adobe InCopy

Macworld's managing editor explains how she uses workgroup print features in Adobe InCopy to produce our monthly magazine.

Print-to-PDF mysteries revealed

Mac OS X can generate PDF files from practically any application that supports printing—a handy capability with many hidden features.

Creating (or obtaining) a wireless printer

Tips for sharing a printer wirelessly with all your Macs.

Mac IT Guy: printer problems and DFS

What to do when OS X doesn't recognize a network printer. Also: Microsoft's Distributed File System is really cool; unfortunately, it's also inaccessible from a Mac unless you have some special software.

Handwriting fonts resurrect a lost cursive art

Ever wanted a font that looks like your handwriting? Or a font with better handwriting than you have? Jay Nelson walks us through the options.