Don't-Miss Security Stories

Bugs & Fixes: What's the risk with the Citi Mobile security flaw

Ted Landau takes a closer look at a security flaw with the Citi Mobile iPhone app and whether users should be concerned about how secure their financial data is.

Securing your Facebook privacy settings

A bookmarklet from will scan your Facebook settings to see if you're keeping your private information secure. We give it a run-through.

Passwords, scams, and you

While you may not have been held at gunpoint in the UK, something bad happened to your e-mail account. The how and what-to-do of it.

Facebook privacy changes: Five can't-miss facts's Kristin Burnham offers up a list of five essential Facebook privacy settings you should review now and tweak accordingly to ensure your information remains safe.

Uninstalling Norton AntiVirus

Symantec is thoughtful enough to provide an uninstaller application for removing its utilities. If you don't use it, woe is you.

Living with Windows: security

When you use a Mac, you don't have to worry too much about malware. But when you put a Mac on a network with Windows PCs (or when you run Windows on a Mac), you have to give security some thought. Rich Mogull tells you what you do and don't have to worry about.

Protect data with encrypted hard drives

If you want to encrypt the contents of an external hard drive to protect its data in case of loss or theft, you’ve got a lot of options.

Bugs & Fixes: Adobe Reader phishing scam

Want to avoid becoming the victim of a phishing scam? Your first line of defense is usually a little common sense, Ted Landau writes.

The unbootable Mac mini

Why would a perfectly good Mac mini suddenly refuse to boot? Dan Frakes takes you through the torturous path to the solution, which ended up being obvious in retrospect.

E-mail and the advantages of deception

Despite what you learned at Sunday school, lying in the service of preventing spam is not a sin.

A practical approach to protecting trade secrets

When you think about security, you probably think about computer viruses and worms. But what about your trade secrets? Here how your company's IT department and lawyers can work together.

Google's free airport Wi-Fi: Five ways to protect yourself

Planning on taking advantage of free Wi-Fi at the airport during your holiday travels? Make sure you follow these tips for securing your wireless computing.

Secure your jailbroken iPhone with a password change

A couple of vulnerabilities pray on jailbroken iPhones that use the same default password. Here's how to change that password to avoid getting bitten.