Don't-Miss Servers Stories


How to create networked backups with OS X Server

For a mere 20 bucks and a little planning you can back up all the Macs on your network. In this video, Chris Breen shows you how.

Discussing the Mac mini media server

Host Philip Michaels speaks with Chris Breen about the Mac mini he's set up as a media server.

Uses for a "blind" MacBook Pro

You say you have a MacBook with a failing graphics card? If it's not worth repairing you can still put that Mac to good use as a server. Chris Breen explains how.

Mac IT Guy: two routers, one network

If you have two routers on the same network, they may be confusing all the Macs that connect to them; here's how to straight it out. Plus: Best tape backup system for Macs?

Build your own home media server

Do you more storage, and for it to be accessible across your network? Ben Long shows you how to put together a Drobo-like home media server for less money and with more flexibility.

How to add network attached storage

If you need to back up multiple Macs or share media files on your home (or small-business) network, you might need more than a USB drive attached to your AirPort base station or Time Capsule. Kirk McElhearn explains why network attached storage might be a better solution.