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Bad AppleScript: Subroutines and file paths

Jason Snell's Bad AppleScripts deal with helpful subroutines and parsing nasty file paths.

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Bad AppleScript: Safari and curling URLs

AppleScripts don't have to be pretty, they just have to work. For example, here's how Jason Snell wrote a script to grab URLs, parse them, submit them via the curl Terminal command, and more.

Back up blog or FTP directory with AppleScript

A Hints reader wanted to back up his Wordpress blog, but didn't like the available backup plug-ins. So he wrote an AppleScript to do the job and set it to run automatically every day.

Automate tasks with Folder Actions

Use OS X's Folder Actions feature to automatically get an alert when files are added to a specific folder, change the Finder labels when you put them in a folder, or unzip archives. Here’s how Folder Actions work, and how you can use them to save time.

Bugs & Fixes: Flash, iOS, and Xcode

Ted Landau runs up some recent troubleshooting news, including a security vulnerability with Flash Player, a pair of iOS bugs, and a problem with the Mac App Store version of Xcode.

Make new AppleScripts automatically

Tired of copying-and-pasting AppleScripts you find online? Here are two services that'll do it for you.

Open two instances of Preview at once

Sometimes it'd be handy to view a single PDF file in two windows. But generally speaking you can't open the same document twice in a single app. Here's a way around that restriction.

Change System Preferences by script

Don't want to wade through all those preference panes to change one setting? One Hints reader came up with an AppleScript-application that makes such a change simple.

Change color of BBEdit and TextWrangler 'invisibles' characters

Learn how to change the color of the special characters that BBEdit and TextWrangler use to display invisible characters, such as tabs and line breaks.

Getting geeky with Twitterrific and AppleScript

Jason Snell explores the rarely explored depths of Twitterrific for Mac, including secret preferences and AppleScript support.

8 great Automator downloads

You don't have to stick with the Automator actions that came with OS X. Ben Waldie lists his favorite third-party Automator downloads.

AppleScript versus Alameda County

Jason Snell battles a wonky Java applet to get a readable version of a court case.

Automating Word with AppleScript

Unfortunately, Word 2008 doesn’t support VBA. The good news is that, with a little tinkering, almost anything you could do with a VBA macro in previous versions of Word, you can now do with AppleScript in Word 2008.