Don't-Miss Development software Stories

Back up Entourage with AppleScript

John C. Welch uses AppleScript to help him back up Entourage, including compatibility with Time Machine.

Automator Power: Variables and looping

Automator includes dozens of built-in variables, such as dates, times, and system information. With looping, you can repeat actions or groups of actions a set number of times.

Linux on the Mac

By now, you know that you can run Windows on an Intel Mac. But virtualization programs don’t just run Windows: they can also run Linux (or any other Intel-compatible operating system) on your Mac. Here’s how.

Find all ungrouped Address Book contacts

Use AppleScript to identify any contacts in your Address Book who are not yet in a group.

Mac OS X Hints - April 2007

Rob Griffiths and Kirk McElhearn offer tips on how to minimize all of a program’s windows, select text with one click, zoom easily via the keyboard, tame Address Book’s envelope printing and more.

Mac OS X Hints - Feb. 2007

Rob Griffiths offers tips on ways to cancel the shut down command, change which application opens a file, zip through podcast lists, edit smart playlists and more.

3 amazing AppleScripts

For simple automation, it’s hard to beat Automator. But if you want to build truly powerful workflows that can do everything from coloring your iCal calendars to converting your e-mail messages for easy reading on your iPod, AppleScript is still the best tool in town.

Mac OS X Hints - July 2006

Rob Griffiths offers tips this month on ways to reply in Mail with original open, use tables in Stickies, make free iPhoto 6 books, speed through the Calendar widget and a scan-and-print Tiger time-saver.

Automator overdrive

If you’ve taken Automator out for a spin, you know that Apple’s automation tool really does make it easy to simplify repetitive tasks. But after experimenting with its built-in actions and with actions culled from the Internet, you probably still wish you could do more.

Mac 911: May 2006

Chris Breen offers help on ways to put together your PDFs, deal with duplicates in iTunes, choose a startup volume, launch a more colorful TextEdit and much more.

Limit the bash shell's prompt length

See a couple of methods of limiting the length of the bash shell's prompt.

Take Control of Permissions in OS X

Use Finder’s Info window, third-party tools to set permissions

Command-line lifesavers

When you work with the command line, you work without a safety net—there’s no Trash to fish files out of and no Undo command. But there are some tricks for protecting yourself from missteps.