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How to share iWork '13 files with iOS devices

Sharing iWork '13 files over cloud services is harder than it needs to be. Chris Breen covers your options.

Nine fun ways to stop summer brain drain

On the brink of the lazy days of summer, what’s a parent to do? Here are nine ways to use your Mac and iOS devices to keep your kids sharp during the summer.

Configuring an old iPad for your child

Now that the iPad has reached its third iteration, it's not uncommon to find multiple iPads in one home. Should you wish to pass your old iPad along to a child you'll need to configure it in an appropriate way. Here are tips for doing just that.


The iPad at work: Taking notes

Looking for a better way to take notes? Kirk McElhearn rounds up some of the worthiest note-taking iPad apps.

Keep kids safe online

School's out. Is your Mac ready for summer's idle hours? A good way to start is by setting basic computing limits for your kids using Snow Leopard’s parental controls.

Change color of BBEdit and TextWrangler 'invisibles' characters

Learn how to change the color of the special characters that BBEdit and TextWrangler use to display invisible characters, such as tabs and line breaks.

Free iTunes music lessons

Want to be a true guitar hero? A series of free iTunes podcasts can help.

Disable the 10.5 X11 warning-on-quit dialog

If you use X11 in OS X 10.5, you’re probably annoyed by its new ‘are you sure?’ warning whenever you try to quit the program. Learn how to disable it.