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digital yule log

Create a digital Yule log on your HDTV

The weather outside may be frightful, but a fire is so delightful, especially when it's a Yule log. We'll show you how to get one streaming on your HD television set.

Get started with AirPlay

AirPlay is Appleā€™s technology for streaming audio or video over a local network. This week's Macworld video gives you a quick look at the most common AirPlay setups and how to configure and use them.

Bugs & Fixes: How to download iTunes movie trailers

Apple no longer offers the option to download movie trailers. Ted Landau reveals a way to work around this.

How to get started with AirPlay

Apple's AirPlay technology lets you stream audio and video from a Mac or iOS device to AirPlay-enabled output devices. If you aren't using it yet, you should be. Here's how.

Discussing the Mac mini media server

Host Philip Michaels speaks with Chris Breen about the Mac mini he's set up as a media server.

The computer in the living room: setting up a Mac mini media center

You want one box to manage all of your local and online media. Could the Mac mini be that box? Chris Breen says the answer could be yes if you're technically inclined, but maybe not for the whole family.

Convert image files to comics

Wannabe comic book artists can easily convert their images into a format compatible with today's popular comics-reader apps. Chris Breen explains how.

Last-minute online gifting for apps, movies, music, and books

Stuck without a gift close to Christmas? Never fear: If your relatives like apps, books, movies, musics, or TV shows, there's a very simple solution to this dilemma -- electronic gift certificates.

Limiting your Apple Remote

You point your trusty Apple Remote control at your Apple TV and suddenly a nearby laptop starts blasting ABBA. Chris Breen offers a workaround for a too-communicative remote.

Ask the iTunes Guy: iTunes tips 101

The iTunes Guy answers questions about importing and converting audio.

Playing Amazon Instant Video from iPad to TV

There's no technical reason that you shouldn't be able to stream any video from your iOS device to an attached TV. It's simply a matter of getting around the license restrictions. Chris Breen shows you how.

Force iOS to use YouTube site instead of app

The YouTube app that comes with iOS might be convenient, but it hasn't been updated in years. YouTube's own mobile site is better. Here's how to force iOS to use that site instead of the app for YouTube links.

The dope on iTunes Match, Genius playlists, and iOS devices

In which Chris Breen sucks up to a superior by explaining the relationship between iTunes Match and Genius playlists on an iOS device.

Sync delays with iTunes 10.2.x

Having trouble syncing your iOS device after updating to iTunes 10.2? Ted Landau offers several solutions.

Clearing your iPad's memory

Does the Netflix app spontaneously bail on movies you're trying to play on your iPad. It may be a memory issue. Here are a couple of fixes.