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All about iTunes movie rentals

Renting movies from the iTunes Store can be pretty simple if you don't want to do anything special, though you'll have to jump through some hoops if you want to move rented movies.

Create quick Web graphics with iWeb '09

There's no need to bust open Photoshop for shape-based Web graphics and images. You can easily use iWeb to create interesting and unusual art for your site.

Digitizing LPs revisited

It's the time of year to remind you how to digitize that pile of records taking up valuable attic-space.

Prevent theft: watermark your art

Need a simple way to protect your hard work? Use Photoshop CS5 to add a text watermark to your artwork or photography before sending it off to prospective clients.

Perfect your pitch in GarageBand '09

How to tune your Real Instrument tracks with GarageBand’s built-in tools.

Round out square corners with Photoshop

Ever want to make your photos or drawings more elegant-looking by having rounded corners? Here's how to do it in 12 easy steps.

Organize e-books in iTunes

Organizing e-books in iTunes can be a bit baffling, however. Here's a look at how you can keep your e-book library spic and span.

Four ways to speed up iWeb '09

iWeb ’09 lets you create attractive Web sites quickly, but quickly isn’t always fast enough. Adam Berenstain offers tips on how to make iWeb even faster.

Six ways to speed up GarageBand

While GarageBand is fairly swift, there are always ways to make working with it faster. David Weiss walks us through some quick tips.

Six things you can do to make iMovie faster

While iMovie '09 is fairly speedy all on its own, you can still streamline your video editing process. Jeff Carlson takes us through the steps.

Hands on with YouTube's new video editor

PCWorld's Ian Paul spends some time with the newly introduced video editing features for Google's YouTube online video site.

Expand your palette of GarageBand instruments

Feeling musically inclined? David Weiss shows you how to bring an endless variety of sounds into your projects.

Placing pictures in text

Ever wondered how to place images inside letters like those old-fashioned postcards? Chris McVeigh shows you how to create cool typography with Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.