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We've got the beat (markers)

Everybody get on your feet! Jeff Carlson shows you how to create your own music videos with iMovie.

Three tips for using Apple's Remote app with iTunes

Apple Remote app can help you control iTunes from afar, and in interesting ways.

Bugs & Fixes: How to uninstall iTunes

When applications don't behave as they should, sometimes the best course of action is to uninstall it and reinstall a new copy. With most applications, that process is easy enough. But installing iTunes is not always as simple as it sounds.

Prevent excessive resyncing in iTunes

A bug in iTunes 9.1 can cause it to recopy every song on your iPad everytime you sync. Here's how to stop it.

Edit like a pro in GarageBand '09

Edit Real Instrument regions without pops and clicks in GarageBand '09.

View iPad-optimized apps in iTunes

iTunes doesn't make it easy to figure out which of your apps are made specifically for the iPad. Here's a workaround until iTunes is updated.

Bugs & Fixes: A long time ago in a bug far, far away...

Bugs & Fixes takes on a Star Wars flavor this week, as Ted Landau looks at a bug in iMovie '09 involving the Far Far Away title inspired by George Lucas' space epic.

Reduce Amazon download clutter

When you add Amazon MP3s to iTunes, they can leave behind a trail of old MP3 files. Here's how to configure the Amazon downloader app to automatically clean up after itself.

Ten expert design tips for your scrapbooks

Scrapbooking sounds easy, but like all crafts, it's the details that count. Here are some simple rules that will make your scrapbooks shine.

Find fresh widgets for iWeb

iWeb's HTML Snippet widget can be your site's window to the world.

Three tips for classical (and other) music and iTunes

Are you a fan of classical music? Then check out Kirk McElhearn's tips for dealing with your music in iTunes.

Six tips for finding iTunes Store content

The iTunes Store is packed with content--so much content that it's not always easy to find music and videos you'll like. These tips can help.

Bugs & Fixes: Ringtones won't play in iTunes

A bug in iTunes 9.0.3 affects your ability to play ringtones from iTunes on your Mac. Ted Landau has the details.