Don't-Miss Photography software Stories

Resolving iPhoto library size discrepancy

iPhoto indicates you have 2GB of images yet the iPhoto Library item is 6GB. Why?

Bugs & Fixes: Fixes for iLife problems

Ted Landau looks at solutions to a pair of potential problems Apple has identified with the iLife suite.

Exploring Photoshop Actions

Though its been part of Photoshop for some time now, Photoshop Actions doesn't get the attention that it deserves. James Dempsey looks to remedy that in the latest Creative Notes post.

Simulating tilt-shift photography with the Bokeh plugin

Alien Skin Software's Bokeh does more than just add and adjust out-of-focus areas of an image to enhance the subject matter. It can also add tilt-shift effects to an image, as James Dempsey explains.

Add focus to your images with Bokeh

If you want to apply the visually distinctive appearance of light in the out-of-focus area of a photograph -- a term known as "bokeh" -- you've come to the right place. James Dempsey shows you how to do it with a $199 plug-in from Alien Skin Software.

Speed up iPhoto '09 operations on some Macs

A simple tip could speed up iPhoto operations for those with older hardware and/or large iPhoto libraries.

Working with Places

Get the most out of the new Places feature in iPhoto '09, which lets you pin your pictures to a map so you can find them more easily later.

Exploring the hidden features of the latest iPhoto update

The recent iPhoto 8.0.2 update includes several unheralded enhancements -- some of them quite useful. Computerworld's Ryan Faas explores the changes.

Tips for importing existing photos into iPhoto

Here are a couple of interesting tips about importing existing images—those already on your Mac—into iPhoto.

Syncing iPhoto libraries

You say you liked the idea of syncing iTunes libraries? Well then you'll love learning how to do the same with iPhoto libraries.

Use Smart Albums to help set iPhoto ’09 Faces and Places

Learn how to use a couple of Smart Albums to (possibly) ease the gargantuan task of identifying faces and places in your iPhoto collection.

Bugs & Fixes: Apple’s advice on iLife ’09 bugs

Ted Landau looks at four bug reports from Apple’s Knowledge Base that cover known issues surrounding the newly released iLife ’09 suite.

Change how iPhoto ’09 resizes the Add New Faces box

Learn a simple way to change iPhoto ’09’s center-based box resizing when adding new faces to a photo.

Batch rename the iLife video tutorials

Apple’s iLife ’09 video tutorials can be downloaded and saved locally. Their default filenames, though, leave much room for improvement. This hint explains how to use a simple Automator workflow to clean up the filenames.

iMovie photo management

No need to muck up your iPhoto library when building an iMovie project.