Don't-Miss Photography software Stories

Outsource your photo scanning projects

Scanning all your old photos is a daunting process. Should you use a third-party scanning service can help you migrate old photos from the shoe box to the computer?

Eight amazing Image Capture tricks

If you're running OS X 10.6, it's time to take a second look at Image Capture. This underappreciated app has some great time-saving tricks up its sleeve, like managing your devices and sharing your iPhone's photos over the network.

Use Preview in 10.5 to invert colors

Learn a simple way to invert a photograph using Preview in OS X 10.5

Build a classic wedding slide show in iPhoto ’09

Creating a slide show of old photos that follow the bride and groom from childhood to their wedding day could take you hours of painstaking work. Or just minutes if you use the Faces tool in iPhoto ’09.

Back up iPhoto's Faces database

If you use iPhoto's face-recognition tool, don't lose all of your hard work with one stroke of bad luck. Back up your Faces data to protect against data corruption or user error.

7 tips for using Faces in iPhoto ’09

Getting started with iPhoto's face-recognition tools may seem like a time-consuming task. But these speedy shortcuts can ease the process and help you better navigate your library.

Brushing up with Brush Pilot

Jay Hilgert’s Brush Pilot is a simple application that lets you preview, install, and delete brushes anywhere on your hard drive. James Dempsey takes a closer look.

Create Events-based iPhoto albums featuring specific people

Learn how to create an album in iPhoto to show all photos from all events that contain at least one photo of a selected person.

Using iPhoto's Places without a GPS-enabled camera

iPhoto '09's Places features lets you tag the location where an image was shot. But what if you don't have a GPS-enabled camera? Here's how you can recreate the location-tagging feature with the help of an iPhone.

Splitting and archiving iPhoto libraries

You say your iPhoto library is unwieldy? Here's how to split it into smaller libraries.

Enlarging images with Alien Skin's Blow Up 2 plugin

Pros know that enlarging photos is not always as simple a task as it looks. James Dempsey shows you how Alien Skin Software's Blow Up 2 can produce high-quality enlargements without a lot of fuss.

Resolving iPhoto library size discrepancy

iPhoto indicates you have 2GB of images yet the iPhoto Library item is 6GB. Why?

Bugs & Fixes: Fixes for iLife problems

Ted Landau looks at solutions to a pair of potential problems Apple has identified with the iLife suite.