Don't-Miss Photography software Stories

Bugs & Fixes: Swatting iLife ’09 bugs

Reports of the first crop of iLife ’09 bugs are circulating. Ted Landau focuses on two: getting GarageBand lessons to play and iPhoto ’09’s refusal to open your library.

Collapse collections in iPhoto ’08’s Photos library

Learn a simple way to collapse (or expand) all collections in the Photos portion of iPhoto’s Library.

Five Adobe CS4 goodies for photographers

Derrick Story recommends his favorite Adobe Creative Suite tools for organizing, refining, and enjoying your photos.

Working with MobileMe and iLife

An important aspect of MobileMe is the way Apple’s online service integrates with its iLife suite of digital lifestyle applications. iWeb, iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand become extra powerful when used in conjunction with a MobileMe subscription. In this excerpt from Take Control of MobileMe, Joe Kissell shows you some of the things you can do with iLife and MobileMe.

Easy holiday photo projects

Give your digital photos a second life as seasonal crafts. You can make these fun projects with your family and even give them as gifts.

Shortcuts for working with iPhoto ’08 thumbnails

Learn a few keyboard shortcuts for working in iPhoto ’08’s thumbnail view

Five reasons to try Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

PC World's Dave Johnson focuses on five aspects of Photoshop Lightroom that should interest any serious photographer.

Create a visual catalog of settings and error messages

Learn a simple way to keep track of various settings on your Mac, as well as those obscure error messages that may occasionally pop up.

Move the distortion effects position in Photo Booth

A very simple tip that explains how to move the distortion effect’s position in Photo Booth.

Bugs & Fixes: Troubleshooting advice and Mac OS X 10.5.3

Ted Landau looks at Photoshop file corruption and Mac OS X 10.5.3 as well as troubleshooting tips on trashing your cache in this week’s Bugs & Fixes column.

Turn to Path Styler Pro for logos, title graphics

Path Styler Pro helps you produce high-quality logos and title graphics in either Illustrator or Photoshop with a noticeable ease of use. James Dempsey takes a closer look at the plugin.

Color correcting digital camera images

As far as digital technology has come, there’s still one thing that digital cameras won’t do: give you perfect color every time. But unfortunately, every digital camera sneaks some kind of color cast into your images. Here’s how to get your color in line.

Great Flickr add-ons

If you think you’ve seen all Flickr can do, you may be in for a surprise. An abundance of Flickr add-ons and related Web sites make the photo-sharing experience faster, nimbler, and more fun.

Release your inner artist

Photoshop offers a far greater range of artistic potential than most users realize. However, most Photoshop users don’t get any further than running a single filter on an image.

Mac OS X Hints - Aug. 2007

Rob Griffiths offers power tips on how to speed up iPhoto image burning, borrow a drive from another Mac, navigate iTunes’ Cover Flow, use Preview to create image files and much more.