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Play the stock market

Your job title may be something like teacher, salesperson, or HR manager, but somehow you end up creating newsletters, brochures, presentations, and Web sites. True, you weren’t trained for these tasks, but just because you’re not a designer doesn’t mean you can’t fake it.

From iPhoto to Aperture

As your photography skills and gear advance, you may start running into iPhoto’s limitations. Perhaps you need more image-adjustment tools or want a better way to manage and back up pictures. If so, it’s time to make the transition to Aperture.

Mac 911 - June 2007

Christopher Breen has solutions on ways to take out iPhoto’s trash, make Word multilingual, switch off Spotlight, change Office’s registration, remove quotes in Mail and quickly switch audio input and output.

Find photos fast

When you first started building your iPhoto library, you could quickly scroll through your photos to find what you were looking for. But if you’ve been taking photos for a couple of years, your library may now contain hundreds or even thousands of photos. That’s a lot of scrolling.

Mac 911 - April 2007

Chris Breen answers your questions regarding keeping up-to-date with iPhoto, group think, bit rates, moving GarageBand loops and more.

Eliminate color casts

Accurate exposure, faithful color, and sharp focus are the technical cornerstones of good photography. Of the three, color is the most often overlooked. The key is understanding your camera’s white-balance settings.

Mac OS X Hints - March 2007

Rob Griffiths offers tips on how to compare shots in iPhoto, automatically add Spotlight comments, show Spotlight results in Finder, install/uninstall and make sure your mailboxes are empty.

Stop seeing red

Portraits in particular can require a certain amount of retouching to flatter the subject. Frequently, this requires only basic cleanup—remove a mole, take out a stray hair, and so on. But other problems, such as uneven skin tones, are less straightforward.

Make massive prints

Looking for an inexpensive way to add interest to a blank wall? Want to show off your digital photos in a way that will really get noticed? The next time you make a print of your favorite photo, don’t settle for a measly 8 by 10 inches. Supersize it.

Create stunning slide shows

As the year winds down, why not gather your favorite photos for a retrospective slide show of the year’s most momentous events. iPhoto ‘06 lets you add music, transitions, movement, and more to your slide shows. And when burned to DVDs, they make great gifts for distant loved ones.

Mac OS X Hints - Dec. 2006

The December 2006 edition of Mac OS X Hints shows you how to use the operating system's included screen-saver images as your desktop picture, reveals more secrets of OS X's Application Switcher, and shows you a trick for recreating the convenience of the HomePage button from early versions of iPhoto.

Beyond Apple's photo books

The holiday season is right around the corner—and with it comes the annual postal frenzy. This year, get a jump on the crowd with these photo-card tips.

Mac 911 - Nov. 2006

This month Chris Breen shares secrets for going mono, managing .Mac and IMAP, setup for a dual-monitor MacBook Pro, better living through iPhoto sharing, iSight alternatives and more.

Mac OS X Hints - Nov. 2006

Senior Editor Rob Griffiths offers tips on ways to access iPhoto 6’s hidden tools, stop clicking on dialog-box buttons, cycle Calculator’s modes, boot into Windows with your remote, plug into keyboard power and more.

Take command of keywords

Want to find every close-up taken of your children during summer vacation? When put to good use, iPhoto 6’s keywords feature makes complex searches like this easy. Keywords are descriptive words that you can use to label and categorize your photos, regardless of which album they’re in. More important, keywords are searchable.