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Mac OS X Hints - September 2006

Harness the powers of drag-and-drop disk-image creation. Change the visible hours in an iCal calendar within nothing more than a mouse's scroll wheel. Or turn your Mac into a musical alarm clock. Kirk McElhearn joins Rob Griffiths to dole out this month's OS X how-tos.

Weighing the pros of Raw

Talk to just about any professional digital photographer these days, and you’re sure to hear about the wonders of shooting in Raw mode. But it has its drawbacks. Before jumping on the bandwagon, make sure you know how to put this format’s strengths to best use.

Mac OS X Hints - July 2006

Rob Griffiths offers tips this month on ways to reply in Mail with original open, use tables in Stickies, make free iPhoto 6 books, speed through the Calendar widget and a scan-and-print Tiger time-saver.

Mac 911 - July 2006

Automatically change your desktop picture, manage two .Mac accounts from the same computer, apply iMovie effects to multiple clips, create a disk catalog, and use built-in OS X features to start the day right.

One iPhoto, many users

iPhoto has many options for sharing images with other people. What the program doesn't offer is an easy way to give multiple users or multiple Macs full access to an entire iPhoto library. Here are three options to do just that, without any extra software or Unix commands.

Mac 911: May 2006

Chris Breen offers help on ways to put together your PDFs, deal with duplicates in iTunes, choose a startup volume, launch a more colorful TextEdit and much more.

Killer XPress time-savers

Tips for low-level QuarkXPress tasks—such as zooming in and out, scrolling, and changing pages—are so crucial. Dig in here to find indispensable tricks and compelling shortcuts you’ll use over and over again.

Beauty in black and white

Most image editors make it easy to turn color photos into gray-scale images, but their default conversions don’t always end up creating the best pictures. For better results, you may need to try some exploratory surgery.

Optimizing Photoshop CS2

Most people would prefer not to see the spinning beach ball when working in Photoshop. Although eliminating it is not always possible, you can go some way toward doing that by managing your resources wisely.

Extend your dynamic range

High-contrast scenes can be the bane of a photographer’s existence. Solving the problem used to require special equipment or extensive image editing. But Adobe Photoshop CS2 now makes the process easier.

Take command of color

Whether you’re creating a brochure in Apple’s Pages or coding Web pages in a text editor, choosing the perfect combination of colors for your design can be an intimidating process. Mac OS X offers color tools that can help anyone use color more effectively.

Automate Photoshop chores

As a photographer, you tend to run through the same mind-numbing tasks over and over again: editing, resizing, saving, and so on—it’s a glamorous life. That’s why Automator, Tiger’s easy-to-use automation tool, is one of the most exciting parts of Apple’s latest operating system.

3 fast photo tricks

Digital Photo

Silence noisy photos

Want to take sharp low-light photos without the glare of a flash? How about capturing high-speed daytime action? By using your camera’s menus to increase the ISO setting, you can capture tricky shots such as these and expand your picture-taking options—but at a cost.

Avoid iMovie HD annoyances