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Follow these tips for taking dramatic close-up photos of flowers and atmospheric silhouettes with your digital camera.

How to sort and organize your iPhoto library

Learn how to navigate and organize your photos using iPhoto.

How and where to get feedback on your photos

Here’s a guide on where to go to get constructive criticism on your photographs, and how to play nice with others seeking the same.

Importing images from iPad without iPhoto

Faced with an iPad full of images and no copy of iPhoto to help you move those images from iPad to Mac, where do you turn? To another application bundled with the Mac OS that you may have missed.

MobileMe gallery alternatives

As of July 1, 2012, MobileMe Galleries are dead, dead, dead. How will you share your images in the future? Here are some ideas.

How to tag, map, and label in iPhoto

In iPhoto, you can categorize images using keywords, geolocation, face recognition, star ranking, and more; we'll walk you through each of these features and hand out some great advanced tips to make the application work for you.

How to sort and organize your iPhoto library

Learn how to navigate and organize your photos using iPhoto.

How to import images with iPhoto

Learn how to bring pictures into iPhoto from an external source (a camera or memory card), an internal source (off a hard drive or CD), or from an RSS photo feed.

How to make basic edits in iPhoto

If you use iPhoto to manage your photo collection, try these fixes before cracking open a dedicated image editor.

How to create a looping slideshow

A new Mac user wonders how to create a looping slideshow for an event honoring a loved one. In this regard, iPhoto, iDVD, and QuickTime are your friends.

Ten super-cool plug-ins for Aperture

One of the best things about Apple’s Aperture is that it is an excellent host for third-party software. These plug-ins provide useful features that Aperture lacks.

How to import photos into Aperture 3

Aperture's import settings are extremely important and, when used properly, can keep your library small and organized.

Sorting iPhoto events

No, not everyone understands how to sort iPhoto events by oldest or newest photos within the event. If you count yourself among those not in the know, here's your answer.