Don't-Miss Photography software Stories

How to import photos into Aperture 3

Aperture's import settings are extremely important and, when used properly, can keep your library small and organized.

Sorting iPhoto events

No, not everyone understands how to sort iPhoto events by oldest or newest photos within the event. If you count yourself among those not in the know, here's your answer.

How to print multiple images on a single page

Several handy printing techniques save you ink, paper, and time.

10 cool things to do with Instagram

The Instagram business is booming and there are tons of fun apps and services tapping into the power of the photo feeds. Check out these ten neat things you can do with your Instagram account.

Copying iPhoto images over a network

With the help of iPhoto sharing you can easily move images from one Mac to another on a local network. However, be wary of who you share those images with.

How to re-sort photos on your iPhone

If photos aren't showing up in the order you want on your phone, here's a way to force the issue.

Create collaborative online photo galleries

Instead of having photos scattered across different photo sharing or social networking sites, start a collaborative album online to collect images from all the shutterbugs who were at one event.

Quickly delete iPhone photos from your Mac

Want to delete some, but not all, of the photos you have on your iPhone? The secret is to use Image Capture.

Use Automator to shoot a time-lapse movie

There are plenty of tools that will help you with time-lapse photography on your Mac, but only one comes bundled with the Mac OS -- Automator.

How to make a photo journal in iPhoto

Use iPhoto's book-creation templates to combine your photographs with journal-length text descriptions for the perfect holiday gift.

Identifying faces faster in iPhoto

Identifying faces in iPhoto can be tedious with a large library of images. But by using a simple click and drag you can make the job easier.

Edit with trackpad in iPhoto

You can use finger gestures on one of Apple's new trackpads to crop and straighten photos in iLife's photo editor.

Merge multiple photos into a panorama

Shooting scenic photos is an art in itself, but placing them into a panorama requires some simple software know-how. Chris McVeigh walks you through the process of creating a gorgeous pano.

Create HDR time-lapse video with a digital camera

For the last couple of years, self-described video nerd Mike Curtis has been developing his technique for shooting HDR time-lapse video with a digital still camera. He shares his secrets with Macworld.

How to rate photos in iPhoto

Don't waste time scrolling through thousands of thumbnails in iPhoto. Instead, quickly locate the best shots in your library by organizing them with star ratings.