Don't-Miss Productivity software Stories

Beyond .zip: Secrets of the Archive Utility

What do you do if a file won't expand or someone sends you a strange type of archive? Here are answers to frequently asked questions about working with compressed files in Mac OS X.

Delete Dropbox cache to recover drive space

If you use Dropbox to share files with co-workers and clients, you might be surprised to find yourself running out of room on your hard drive. Here's how to find and delete the offending files.

How to create and use BBEdit clippings

By enabling you to insert frequently used snippets of text, clippings are one of BBEdit's most powerful tools. In an excerpt from his ebook Take Control of BBEdit, Glenn Fleishman explains how to use clippings to save time and keystrokes.

How I use Evernote for work

You might know Evernote as a great tool for clipping stories from the Web and collecting recipes. But you not have considered how useful it can be for business, too. David Sparks explains how he does just that.

How to set up iOS calendar syncing

If you're still using iTunes to sync your iPhone's calendar -- or worse, not syncing at all -- there's a better way. Two better ways, in fact.


Bugs & Fixes: Poor Rich Text Format (RTF) support in iOS

Ted Landau laments the lack of full support for Rich Text Format (RTF) files on his iPad.

Five keyboard shortcuts you should set up now

Why are you opening the same menus and submenus, looking for the same commands again and again? Access menu commands across apps with these time-saving tips.

Automator workflow of the month: Clear the iPod photo cache

If your Mac's storage space is dwindling for no apparent reason, a hidden iPod Photo cache folder may be the culprit. Use Automator to keep it trim.

How to use the iOS Reminders app

Here's a primer for using the Reminders app built into iOS 5.

Why I use Scrivener for business writing

Scrivener was designed for writing fiction. But it turns out to be a great tool for business writing, too. David Sparks explains.

When iCal no longer accepts reminders

Wondering why iCal no longer allows you to create reminders (To-dos)? Cock a keen eye at iCloud.

Using iCloud with iWork for iOS

iWork for iOS integrates fully with iCloud. Here's how to use it.

Share Reminders with iCloud, add them with Siri

You can create shared Reminders lists with iOS 5 and iCloud. Then, you and others can add to and review the shared list--using Siri on the iPhone 4S, if you wish.