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Getting more Twitter followers: Five do's and don'ts

Here are tips from author Don Zarrella on what people look for in a Twitter profile before following someone and how you can increase the chances they follow you back.

Facebook Tip: Enable encryption to avoid privacy glitch

Some Facebook traffic this week took a misguided trip from AT&T servers through China and South Korea, exposing some user data. To protect yourself against such glitches, here's how to enable Facebook's HTTPS feature.

Facebook Privacy: Four valuable yet hard-to-find settings

Hunting for specific privacy settings can be tedious, so did the work for you. Here's a list of four of the most important Facebook privacy settings, where to find them, and how to change them.

LinkedIn: Three ways to polish your profile for the New Year

Is your professional profile riddled with terms that made LinkedIn's list of overused buzzwords? Take time to remedy that and plug into some of the social networking site's new features.

Share your holiday photos privately

Here are a few sites that let you share your holiday snapshots while retaining control over your privacy.

Facebook quick tip: Three more ways to shore up security

CIO's Kristin Burnham is back with more tips on shoring up your Facebook security and staying safe on the social networking service.

Twitter Tips: Four ways to revisit your Twitter 'firsts'

Trying to recall your first tweet or who your initial followers were on the Twitter microblogging service? Here are four free sites for Twitter nostalgics and sleuths.

Facebook Quick Tip: Control apps access to your data

Facebook launched a new feature this week that gives you a detailed overview of the data permissions that you've granted to apps. Here's how to find the new dashboard and adjust your settings.

Six Facebook, Twitter mistakes that can get you fired

What are some of the red flag behaviors an employer might look for in their employees' online profiles? CSO's Joan Goodchild lists six mistakes users make on sites like Facebook and Twitter that could lead to unemployment.

Secrets to using Facebook to market your business

Can your business ignore Facebook? Only if you want to ignore the half a billion people who use it. Here's how get started marketing your business through the ubiquitous social networking site.

Twitter tips: 5 ways to find relevant people to follow

Cutting through Twitter's noise can be tricky, so check out these five tools to help you build a more meaningful following.

Control your online albums with iPhoto

iPhoto ‘09 can extend its organizational powers well beyond your desktop into the realm of online albums. From within iPhoto, you can manage your Flickr and Facebook albums with ease.

Eight tools to map and share your travels

Don't keep your adventures all to yourself. Share your locations, photos, and stories from the road with these inexpensive Websites and apps.