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How iOS multitasking really works

Fraser Speirs clears up one of the most misunderstood parts about how iOS 5 works: Multitasking versus the App Switcher, and how they're not related to one another.

Clean out Launchpad completely

If you use Launchpad, you know it can get awfully crowded, which makes it less useful. Here's a way to clean it out entirely so you can start over with just the apps you want.

Resetting a forgotten administrator's password in Lion

At one time you could change an account's password by booting from your OS X installation disc. But Lion has no such disc so what's the trick? Chris Breen shows you how.

Giving the gift of the painfully obvious

In this follow-up to lending a helping hand to your friends and relatives during the holidays, Chris Breen suggests introducing those same people to some basic Mac OS features that they (and you) may have overlooked.

Photo Booth power user features

If Photo Booth power users used to be uncommon, we're about to fix that.

Hidden Lion gesture switches to previous space

After a quick trip to Terminal, you can use a secret four-finger double-tap to go back to your previous space.

Five unexpected uses for the Option key

The unsung hero of the keyboard, the Option key can reveal alternative commands and unlock all sorts of hidden features. Here are five of Sharon Zardetto's favorite Option key tricks.

Fix Lion's erroneous autocorrections, permanently

If Lion regularly autocorrects words that you'd prefer it just leave alone, there's an easy fix.

Five unexpected uses for Copy and Paste

Did you know you can copy and paste a whole lot more than just text and graphics? When you start in the Finder, you can use the Copy command to lift all sorts of information from a selected Finder item. Here are some of Sharon Zardetto's favorite tricks.

Five unexpected uses for the spacebar

In the quest for greater productivity, Mac users have an unlikely ally—the spacebar. Here are five things you didn't know the spacebar could help you do.

Five unexpected uses for help tags

Sharon Zardetto shows how you can use help tags (formerly known as tooltips) to find the full name or path of a file in the Finder, get a quick summary of a help topic, learn all about a font, and more.

Controlling Mission Control with your keyboard

Yes, manipulating Mission Control with a series of swipes or mouse clicks can be cumbersome. Use the keyboard instead.

Six unexpected uses for the arrow keys

Navigate and activate menus, and more, with the often-overlooked arrow keys.