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Complete guide to FileVault 2 in Lion

Lion's FileVault 2 can be used to protect your data by encrypting your Mac's hard drive. Interested in using FileVault 2, but don't know where to start? Macworld senior contributor Glenn Fleishman has a complete guide to FileVault 2.

Turn off iOS 5 notifications

iOS 4 had a switch that disabled notifications system-wide. iOS 5 lacks that switch, but there are a couple of other ways to do the same thing.

Learning to work with Auto Save

For many of us, the Save and Save As commands were almost second nature, crucial pieces of the way we worked that allowed us to create new documents based on old ones, keep track of different versions, even copy files to new locations. Lion changes all that.

How to upgrade your iOS device to iOS 5

The day of an iOS upgrade can bring great joy... and sometimes, great confusion. Let us help you upgrade your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to iOS 5 with this step-by-step guide.

How to annotate PDFs

You don't need to buy an expensive program to add comments or notes to a PDF. Here's how to use Apple's built-in application, Preview, to do it all.

Auto-hiding applications in Lion

A reader finds his Mac too crowded with open application windows and seeks a way to hide them. Chris Breen offers a few options for uncluttering his life.

Preparing your Lion repair kit

You're a Mac user new to Lion who wants to keep that Mac safe and sane. What tools should you have on hand? Chris Breen offers these recommendations.

Use Automator to label files from the keyboard

An earlier hint about applying Finder labels from the keyboard suffered from some annoying limitations. Fortunately there's a better solution to the same problem, and it involves Automator.

Show dates and times in Mail's message list

The message list in Lion's version of Mail displays each message's date or time received. But with a few System Preferences tweaks, you can make Mail show both the date and the time simultaneously.

Locating and deleting PowerPC applications

You know by now that PowerPC applications won't run on Lion. Given that, wouldn't it be great to get rid of them? AppleScript provides a way.

Easier ways to read files on the go

Want to read your own documents on the iPad or iPhone? Convert them to the ePub format and you can view them (complete with formatting and links) in the iBooks app.

More ways to move data to a new Mac

OS X's Migration Assistant can help you transfer data from one computer or hard drive to another, but it's not the only means by any means. Here's how to migrate data using a cloned drive, Time Machine, and third-party applications.

How to apply Finder labels from the keyboard

There's a way to enable keyboard shortcuts for Finder--if you're willing to accept a few limitations.