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Use AirDrop on any Mac with Lion

When Apple announced the new AirDrop file-sharing technology in Lion, it said only some Macs could use it. But one Hints reader found a workaround that lets it work on any Mac with Lion and a network connection.

Quickly open unlinked URLs in Terminal

Here's a quick hint for opening unlinked URLs that you encounter in apps like Terminal and BBEdit.

Locating Lion's Zoom feature

A reader misses the screen-zooming feature he once used with his mouse. Now that he's using a trackpad, he'd like it back. Here's how.

Customize Lion's text navigation

Even if you aren't familiar with the term Cocoa Key Bindings, you may use them daily. Lion changes a specific keyboard shortcut's behavior, and we know how to bring back Snow Leopard's default instead.

How to make Lion's iCal less annoying

Running into trouble using the Lion version of iCal? You're not alone. Here are answers to common problems.

Bugs & Fixes: Mac App Store uninstall hassles

Ted Landau tells us that while it may be easy enough to install applications via the Mac App Store, removing them isn't quite so simple. Read on for his solutions.

Cure for unintended gestures

A reader asks "Why, oh why, do my Safari pages spontaneously zoom in?" Look no further than your index finger and what it's resting on.

Secrets of Lion’s Spotlight menu

Looking for something? Lion's handy Spotlight menu offers new ways to work with your search results.

Cure for a forgetful Mac

If your Mac can't seem to find files and email messages, it's a sure sign that its Spotlight index needs some attention. Here's how to put things right.

Monitor Wi-Fi with Lion's hidden tool

Did you know that Lion includes a small utility for monitoring several aspects of your network's Wi-Fi traffic?

Automator workflow of the month: Automatically email a weekly schedule

Whether you need to organize a carpool or a department, using Automator you can easily create a summary of a weekly schedule and send it out to those who need to keep track of events.

How to arrange and sort files in Lion Finder

Lion Finder offers three different ways to organize your folders: Arrange By, Sort By, and Clean Up By. What does each option do? Can you combine them? Kirk McElhearn explains.

Viewing an old Address Book archive

Situation: You've rebuilt your Address Book by hand, but you've unearthed an old Address Book archive. How to preview the contents of that archive (and copy data from it) without importing it? A new account may be the simplest answer.