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Fine-tune volume and brightness in OS X

Normally, when you use the volume and brightness keys on your keyboard to adjust those output levels, your adjustments are made in whole steps on a scale of 1 to 10. But there's a keyboard shortcut that lets you adjust them more finely--and that keyboard shortcut has returned in OS X 10.7.4.

Running Windows 8 on your Mac

Whether it's for work or just out of curiosity, here are four options for flirting with the latest rough beast to shuffle out of Redmond.

Automator workflow of the month: Export contacts to Excel

Wouldn't it be great if Address Book provided an easy way to export a select group of contacts to an Excel spreadsheet? You can make it happen with Automator's help.

View a program's graphics in Preview

Need a program icon or an image from a template? You can easily access all of an application's graphical elements with this hint.

What exactly does the Finder's green button do?

You've been staring at the green button that haunts your Mac's windows for years. But do you really know what it does? Expand the window to full size? Contract windows? Make iTunes disappear? It depends.

Bugs & Fixes: From missing alarms to update woes

Ted Landau address a trio of issues including inconsistent calendar alarms, delayed typing, and update difficulties in this week's Bugs & Fixes.

Struggling with interface issues

Today's Mac 911 deals with a trio of issues caused by a not-entirely-transparent interface.

Full-screen applications and multiple monitors

Ever wondered what the inside of a can of worms looks like? Chris Breen reveals its icky splendor when addressing full-screen applications and multiple monitors in Lion.

Snow Leopard on a new retina-display MacBook Pro? Nuh uh

You say you love the look of the new retina display MacBook Pro but aren't nearly as keen on Lion? Regrettably, you must grab the future with both hands.

Three great folder actions

Wish there was a simpler way to print documents, create archives, or add spotlight comments to project files? Kirk McElhearn shows you how to make automating your Mac as simple as putting a file in a folder with these three great Folder Actions.

Automate tasks with Folder Actions

Use OS X's Folder Actions feature to automatically get an alert when files are added to a specific folder, change the Finder labels when you put them in a folder, or unzip archives. Here’s how Folder Actions work, and how you can use them to save time.

How I name files on my Mac

File-naming is a very personal thing; we all have our ways of doing it. Here's how efficiency-maven David Sparks does it, as part of his paperless workflow.

Reinstalling Rosetta

If you've installed a fresh copy of Snow Leopard on your Mac and Rosetta is missing in action, there's a way forward, as outlined by Chris Breen.