Don't-Miss OS & system enhancement software Stories

Make apps appear correctly in Mission Control

Sometimes, when you tell an app to appear in specific workspace, it doesn't. Ditto for when you want an app to appear in every workspace. If that's happening to you, here's a workaround.

Five keyboard shortcuts you should set up now

Why are you opening the same menus and submenus, looking for the same commands again and again? Access menu commands across apps with these time-saving tips.

Remove unnecessary System Preferences icons

If your System Preferences window feels cluttered, you can remove icons that you no longer need.

Cure for a nagging AirPort Utility

So, AirPort Utility pops up on its own to bug you about an unwanted firmware update? Chris Breen explains how to nix the nag.

Quickly create new Sticky notes

Here are two ways to quickly create new notes from selected text or images in the Mac's venerable Stickies app.

Deleting files within Lion's Applications folder

If you've tried to delete any of Apple's applications bundled with OS X Lion you know it can be difficult to do. But with Terminal in hand, you're just a short command away from a Chess-free Mac.

Bugs & Fixes: Re-running on empty

Like a bacterial infection that an antibiotic doesn’t entirely kill, a computer issue can come back to bite you despite you applying what seemed to be a successful solution. Ted Landau revisits just such an issue.

How to adjust OS X's Software Update

Apple distributes updates to Mac OS X and some of its applications through a feature in the operating system called Software Update. Here’s how to customize Software Update to your liking.

Keeping Mac OS and data on separate drives

At one time keeping your home folder on a drive other than the one used to start up your Mac was something of a black art. It needn't be. Chris Breen explains.

Enable local Time Machine snapshots on a desktop Mac

Lion introduced local Time Machine snapshots for when your laptop isn't connected to your backup drive. But you can enable those local snapshots on a desktop Mac, too.

Four great OS X services you don't know about

Once you know the basics about services, OS X's underused shortcuts, your next question is inevitably: Where can I find more? Kirk McElhearn reveals four of the best.

How to use services in Mac OS X

OS X services let you borrow features from other programs, saving yourself time and multiple steps in the process. Kirk McElhearn answers frequently asked questions about Lion's most underused shortcuts.

Select and copy text within Quick Look previews

When you use Quick Look to preview documents, you can't select and copy the text without exiting Quick Look and launching the right application. Unless, that is, you use this hint.